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  1. I wouldn't mind living somewhere like Dubai if I had a lot of money.
  2. Never even played this game...
  3. This boi, I think it was running Windows 98 SE
  4. Mostly remember using it back in the XP days when I'd screwed my graphics driver and needed to uninstall it.
  5. Miku definitely. She has a tonne of songs I love, but my favourite is probably Odds & Ends. Can't wait to see her again live in Toronto. That said, I've been listening to Una a lot recently as well.
  6. Medium rare. The thought of eating a red steak used to freak me out until I was accidentally served one and found it delicious
  7. My routine is sleep at midnight, wake at 8:30.
  8. Tea. I don't like drinking coffee, even though I like things like coffee cake, etc
  9. No, I wish I did. I think it's too late for me now in my early 20s though.
  10. Wall-E with The Incredibles as a close second.
  11. Yeah being "too old" for videogames, animation, whatever. is a typical boomer way of thinking which is thankfully on its way out.