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    Theres good in everyone
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    singing, writing, drawing, cosplaying, roleplaying, gaming, collecting, voice acting.

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  1. Silly Shy

    Silly and Discord's Child

    if anypony else whats to make their own Mix design i would be happy to see
  2. Ice rain thank you so much!
  3. Silly Shy


    that'll be alright thank you.
  4. Silly Shy

    me as a pony

    thank you!
  5. Silly Shy

    PheePhee ( irl me )

    PheePhee ( irl me )
  6. Silly Shy


    yeah but sometimes they want you to pay, and i'm too shy to ask and i feel like i would be a bother
  7. Silly Shy


    i really hoped someone would of sent me drawn pictures of my oc, like other popular people do.
  8. Silly Shy

    me as a pony

  9. Silly Shy


    i'm feeling sad again, i don;t know why could i receive some positivity please?
  10. Silly Shy

    Silly Shy

    A guinea pig
  11. Silly Shy

    young Discord X sillyShy

    hope you like my drawing.
  12. Silly Shy

    finished my oc everypony

    actually, it was a base from daviantart. thats what she is :b a cross, she's called Silly becuse she can be hyper from sugar or the darkness ( nighttime ) becuse she feels the dark is like a Cloak. but when she's not hype on sugar or nighttime she is super shy.
  13. Silly Shy

    Silly Shy

    well the headphones i have in real life and the michrophone. she's representing me.
  14. Silly Shy

    Silly Shy

    My oc, i drew her, what you think?
  15. Silly Shy

    Humor Discord x Silly Shy

    my own choices of what the symbols mean ( ) = thoughts * = Picking up things or moving " = someone else ' = meaning the main charecter is speaking. nothing = someone talking as in example . she wakes up one morning , = when the first sentence is changed but still connected as in example. she walked to the bar, sat on the chair and drank her problems away. a day like any other Silly is outside soaking up the sun 'i hope staying out here is good enough since mum keeps on Nagging me to go outside!' *she sits on the floor playing with the grass* "SILLY~ HONEY~ its time to come back inside!" her mother calls for her 'alright mum!' *silly gets up from the warm soft grass and trot's off back home* *she pushes her hoof to the door. she trotted inside and turned her head to her mother* and there standing a yellow pegasus her mother began speaking. "silly i have something to tell'll be hard to say but..." *the yellow pegasus steps forward* "this is your twin sister..her name is fluttershy" 'w-WHAT! i had a twin and you NEVER TOLD ME!' the yellow Pegasus flitches and ran behind her mother "i'm sorry sweetie! but we could't look after two children! we had to send her off to live with her aunt!" shocked silly ran outside and off to her favourite place, where the cherry blossoms fall. 'i can't believe she never told me...all this time and..and...' the yellow pegasus fluttershy from before has been following silly, wanting to speak to her "silly! sillyshy!" fluttershy called, 'what!' *fluttershy trotted up the hill to the cherry tree slowly and was in front of silly* "i know your upset but i want to get to know you better...please lets talk.." 'fine...what do u want to know..SISTER..' *fluttershy stared at her..eyeing her sister* " old are you?" *she smiled* '14 and i'll be 15 this year so what?' *fluttershy stares at Sillys blank flank* "hang on.. should't you have gotten y-" she was cut off by silly's outburst 'MY WHAT my cutiemark!? i know i know! i should have it but i don't!' silly began to cry tears forming from her eyes *her hooves cover her face in an attempt to hide her saddness* *fluttershy comes over to silly comforting her in a warm hug* "shh its okay, not everyone gets their cutimark. why don't you stay with me for a few days get to know eachother and i'll also help you discover your special talent" fluttershy smiles 'y-you mean it? *sniff sniff*' "yeah" few MOMENTS LATER fluttershy turns to her twin "now before you come inside there is a creature we call Discord, now he is off..some odd sorts but please be kind to him and don't be afraid" *silly tilts her head in confusion* *fluttershy pushes her hoof to the door* revealing a bunch of animals and a big snake like creature with a pony head "this is discord" fluttershy announced 'GASP' *hoofs covering her mouth and wide eyed* "oh, please don't be afraid he's actually a real gentlecolt" Discord looked at fluttershy and then silly "well" he said "theres now two fluttershy's you MULTIPLIED! except one is younger and cuter" "discord" fluttershy bagan "this is my twin sister, her name is silly shy aka SillyShy" fluttershy was interrupted by silly saying 'or well known as SilS, as a nickname' *a big grin formed on her face* Discord walked over to her and said "awwh so cute!" he began pinching her pony cheeks ( she's so cute! cuter than fluttershy! well maybe its the mane but flutter's has an adorable sister! i hope we get along! cute things are just to DIE for) 'd-discord ouch ouch ouch! it hurts!' *Discord let go of her cheek* "oh sorry i just was entranced in those adorable sea blue eyes" fluttershy was getting annoyed, she knew discord flirted with mares because he was lonely but this is her twin and fluttershy is not letting him manipulate her "discord" she said calmly "can we talk in private" Discord gave a look at her than silly and then he shrugged "alright" *walking into another room* Fluttershy said "discord this is my TWIN sister i know she's the cute and all but honestly please don't flirt with her she's only here to get to know me and to find her special talent" Discord was shocked and said "flirting? why would i ever?! *looking hurt* i was just making socialising! and i'm like a thousand or hundred years old...i lost count but anyways i know she's too young for me, a mare about 20 or 30yrs would be okay in my "date discord" selection" Continues later