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    Theres good in everyone
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  1. I thought you were banned? :o It's good to see your account is still up ^^ *hugs*

  2. if anypony else whats to make their own Mix design i would be happy to see
  3. Thanks for the friend add.

  4. Silly Shy


    that'll be alright thank you.
  5. i would wuv some cwuddles

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    2. VitalSpark


      Silly Shy has left the building. :(

    3. Sassy the Sasquatch
    4. VitalSpark


      Dunno. When do we ever know? Could ask her on DeviantArt I suppose.

  6. i feel so shy to ask someone to make my oc on a base i feel so upset to bother somepony

    1. VitalSpark


      There's a requests bit on the forums. Don't be shy to ask there - that's the whole point of that part of the forums. If you don't make requests, then you're denying it its purpose in life. Could you do that? Could you deny it ITS PURPOSE IN LIFE?!

    2. Silly Shy

      Silly Shy

      please don't yell at me..

  7. well...*sigh* my boyfriend dumped me...did't care about i'm just worried about being obsessed in "needing" love, i don't want to be desperate again.

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    2. VitalSpark
    3. Silly Shy

      Silly Shy

      hehe. ooBrony, she raises her voice but she said "its not yelling"

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Yea I hate when they say like that because I think when they raise their voice its always yelling

  8. Pheephee ( Irl Me )
  9. Silly Shy


    yeah but sometimes they want you to pay, and i'm too shy to ask and i feel like i would be a bother
  10. Silly Shy


    i really hoped someone would of sent me drawn pictures of my oc, like other popular people do.
  11. Silly Shy


    i'm feeling sad again, i don;t know why could i receive some positivity please?