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  1. What you're saying is entirely Subjective. There isn't a bottom line. You can say that the Toys are true cannon, and others can say the Show is the true cannon. Neither of us are right or wrong.
  2. 358197 Hello Iron. Nice sig banner.
  3. If humans had ready access to magic, our technology would have evolved much differently. Ponies don't need to develop broadcasting, since they can already send instant messages via magic or dragon fire. Plus they're non-magical ways of delivering messages are already much faster than our ever were. So magic has replaced Broadcasting. But from what the show has shown us, Magic has not yet replicated Programming, so that would require technology. hence Video games. Did you mean Button Mash?
  4. 356512 Just spent 5 hours terrifying children. I love Halloween season!
  5. 356495 so I have 163 posts. Thanks.