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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. "HEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEY-HEY WHAT'S UP PARTY PEOPLE? What are these, curtains or something? Bo-ring!"
  3. Boy oh boy, do I have some shit... SWEAR WORD WARNING. BEEP BEEP. SORRY TO NECROPOST.
  4. Aradia telling Trump jokes Aradia recalls past events What have you seen in server chats that is crazy?
  5. Absolutely no idea. "I will chop off your nipples, and wear them like badges of war"
  6. The ability to have a copy of SBURB, but, no matter what, the session will always fail.
  7. Sometimes, I see the funniest things in chat rooms...

  8. Hey, the thread's still here... Perhaps rather than Windows 7 you could go for a Linux-based one, because just giving out Windows 7 with ponies isn't exactly right. Or you could work on a windows 7 pony theme?