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  1. I know, I've spoken to Lektra and she said that she should be able to post sometime this week
  2. Calbian looked down at the large structure taking note of anything worth noting "Seems old, ominous, and likely deadly." The human the turned to Ghalan "So, if I may ask, what's the point of this exercise exactly, I would like to know what I'm getting into before hand, I feel there's more to this then just 'make it back on foot'."
  3. @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @rolle @silvermoon15000 Calbian looked at Ghalan with a doubtful stare "I'm sure it does have an effect, an amount i'm sure is about equal to the amount of emotions I show." It was then that it became very apparent that though Calbian was trying to be sassy and/or funny he was really bad at it. As team ESER arrived Calbian let out a long and very loud sigh "I did not sign up for this, three's bad enough, but now I need to get on with four other people, please kill me now." Calbian then entered the bullhead but stayed as far away from everyone as possibl
  4. @Lektra Bolt Or are you? Maybe you just a spirit, talking to us from beyond the eternal veil. Wooo spoopy
  5. Anyone out there who enjoys playing Hearthstone and fancy's playing a few games against me, I'm bored.


  6. Well kind of I guess, but since @Lektra Bolt is still busy ( I assume) then i'm fine giving her as much time as she needs, besides it's allowing me in improve upon some of the stuff I've been planning
  7. Well i'm a bad guy so I have no place with you morally sound people XD
  8. @Lektra Bolt Yeah that's fine, RL always comes first
  9. @Denim&Venom sorry I don't mean to get pushy, I just come up with an idea that probably won't even happen for quite a while and get hyped.
  10. @Gabriel @Denim&Venom @Lektra Bolt Just wanted to throw out a quick reminder for you guys to post, obviously I get it if you don't have time, but I will not let this RP die damn it! But yeah just thought i'd say since it's been 9 days.
  11. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Calbian momentarily looked up from his book and at Ghalan "You right, infact I feel one of those enemies is your attitude." The teen then gave a very loud sigh "You know Draco I personally think your mother is more trouble than she's worth, though I have no place to judge you. If it were me I'd want nothing to do with her, but that's just my personal morals talking."
  12. @Arid_Blitz @Duality I have a question on how the magic works, Are certain types of magic weak against others?
  13. @Duality I think this should be good, if you need anything else just say. Character Name: Lucius C. Darkflare II Age: 23 Physical Description: Lucius is about 6 foot , he's quite thin and has rather neatly combed, white hair which is slightly shifted to his left. He has very pale skin and generally wears rather refined, fancy clothing, even when combat is required. Personality and Traits: Lucius has a tendency to be very out right about situation and to speak his mind (a jerk). He's very cocky and only has respect for people he knows can beat him and does not take anyone
  14. I don't have any character page for him, but I can get it all in words here if you want. So like: Name: Personality: Age: Backstory: etc. if that works
  15. I like the look of this, and totally found it on my own and was not given a link by @Arid_Blitz Lucius Darkflare Dark Magic accomplices Human Appearance (just has normal ears):
  16. The cake is still edible, Alexander caught it
  17. @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia Calbian stared daggers at Ghalan "As someone who grew up in that kind of environment then it is more preferred and if you honestly think I don't know what we are up against then I really shouldn't be at this school should I." The human then turned to Draco, a bitter chuckles escaping his mouth "Trust me, as someone who grew up with the 'finer things' let me tell you, they're just a load a rubbish." Calbian then pulled out a black book which had to writing on the covers and began reading it, holding it close enough to his face so that no one could see th
  18. In this RP I want their to be as much freedom as possible, so if you think Star would try to kill him the have her ty to kill him, if you want to have one of your other characters stop her then do that, or don't, at the end of the day where you take the stories in your own hands, needless to say I'm prepared for the two eventualities. Though I think I should say that in your last post Star seemed very set on talking, now whether you meant talk as in talk or talk as in disintegrate him with magic I don't know but for the sake of continuity I felt it was worth pointing out.
  19. Well it's your choice, see this as the first "Moral choice" of the RP, you can try and kill him and if you succeed then you don't know where you are or how to get back. I mean I know Star could get back but can she get everyone else home to various universes she's ever visited... what a conundrum. But yeah, the choice really is yours
  20. The flip where he is being all civil instead of trying to kill you with deadly neuro-toxin I mean he did bake you a cake and I mean if it was me that would be good enough XD
  21. Funnily enough that was actually the one thing I was happy with, and this situation was exactly how I wanted it all to be, if that makes sense.
  22. @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel Ok guys I need your opinion on something, ever since a made my last post I've not been happy with it, though I'm not sure what I'm unhappy with/if there's anything wrong with it, as such I want your opinion on if it's alright or not, or any criticisms in general.
  23. @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt The things I type I type for a reason to warrant a response, so if you see something that doesn't make sense then have your character's say so because more often or not I've made that mistake for a reason
  24. @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia Calbian quickly looked away at from Yuki "A..as I already said I have now desire to 'get to know' any of you more than I need to." The teen looked at the dragon faunus with a dead pan expression on his face "Well that is rather indicative of my roll here, the only two ways I can see which will involve me getting to leave is either if you all die, or that coffee addict headmaster of ours let's me go, neither of which is likely to happen." Calbian then began to mope behind the others following them to wherever Ghalan had in mind, as the ,what he saw as, h
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