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  1. @@ForthEorl, "Of course," Blitz said, nodding. "Have you met my sister, Glider?" "I don't remember meeting him," Glider interjected, smiling tentatively at the other pony. She was hesitantly curious--she didn't know the last time she'd seen Blitz freely talk to another pony on her own will, in such a friendly tone. Blitz tended to make friends with ponies who ended up being important. Perhaps this pony was important too. "What do you do, Sharp?
  2. Sorry. I've been busy lately, and I'm only going to get busier. I know I'm just going to continue holding you guys up if I stay in the RP, so I'm going to have to leave the RP. It was stupid to think I could manage an advanced RP, with my time getting more and more consumed, and I want to put in my full effort, or none at all--and I don't think I can manage the first. Again, sorry to leave you with two members gone before the fun's even started, but like Ochre, I'm going to have to go.
  3. Judetal nodded, a flash of impatience entering her countenance. "Tests are fine. I can take a test." The Argonian paused, then added after a moment, "though, I would prefer it to be a test of combat. I have not had the learning that others here may have had." She raised her eyebrows at 'Jade', saying nothing at his flat remarks. So far, he had left the most note on her. So far, that note had not been a positive one.
  4. Judetal grinned at the Invoker, her liking for him abruptly much higher. She glanced, annoyed, at the dwarf's curtness, and muttered, "A lot of anger in that small body." She nodded at the Invoker. "It will be a pleasure to work with you, Sir Merik. I am looking forward to this epic quest, and earning glory for my people."
  5. Caramel followed Blizzard, beaming that the plan had worked. Well, sort of. "We need to get going. We stayed way too long with that siren." Caramel said, trying to sound upbeat. She was silent for a moment as they continued onward, then commented on something that had been troubling her. "Listen, guys... we can probably expect a fight when we get to the top of the tower. We'll have to be in top shape. I'm going to be trusting you guys to watch your back." She paused. "Yeah, that's it. Dunno where I was going with that one. Glad the siren's gone for now, though."
  6. @@ForthEorl, Blitz and Glider, after working through the day, decided to go eat some lunch. They made their way into town, and Blitz stopped, spotting Sharp. After a moment of consideration, Blitz decided to go over to him. He looked like he had the same goal they had at the moment--finding some food. Blitz trotted up to him. "Sharp," she greeted mildly. "I haven't seen you lately. How are you?" Glider, meanwhile, looked around. She spotted a stall of an oat seller and subtly pointed it out to Blitz. Blitz noticed. "Would you like to have some oats with Glider and I?" she asked the other, gesturing at the stall. (EDIT: OOC: Sorry if I've messed something up. Haven't posted in way too long! Tell me and I'll edit.)
  7. Hey guys! Red and I are going to be really busy in the upcoming weeks. She's probably not going to be able to get on at all for a while. So, she's given me control of Blitz. I hope she'll be able to come back, because I'm not sure how well I can RP a character like Blitz... but, I will do my best!
  8. Judetal had blinked at the chained man upon his captors' revelation. A small streak of pity went through her. She knew very little about the way humans worked, and things like this made her rethink that--she really knew nothing at all. Destroy an entire city..? She had seen the behemoths, the gargantuan hives that these people called cities. This man was not to be taken lightly--but as the aggressive one said, he was not to be respected yet, either. She glanced at the dwarf, stepping forward as she ignored his speech. "Very well, I accept these conditions of yours, and I shall personally take responsibility for injecting this man as necessary," Judetal said. She didn't like it, but honestly, keeping this man with her would probably spare more lives in the long run. She could fight him herself if he lost control. She eyed the chained man evenly. "Do you speak, Invoker? What do you call yourself?" she glanced at the captors', her gaze annoyed. She didn't want them to answer. She wanted to hear this danger answer her himself.
  9. Because school's starting up, I'm going to be much less active. Likely, I will be able to get on only once every 2-3 days. Sorry to my RP buddies in advance!

  10. Mmmmph. So, Red's probably not going to be able to get on this week. I'm going to be getting on a lot less than I would like, once every 2-3 days, most likely. Sorry!
  11. She's okay. She's a little sick, and I think she's a little bit unhappy right now--why she hasn't been on. I'll convince her one of these days to get on.
  12. @@Jellal Fernandes, Judetal stared. And stared. She didn't know whether to burst out laughing, look on in horror, or point blank start smashing things. Her eye twitched as the familiar spite told her to do the latter. She ignored it for now. She would have time for that. "This... this is our... commander?" she asked after a moment. Despite her thick accent, disbelief was clear in her tone. "He is broken. He looks as if he cannot walk, let alone engage into combat." Was this going to be a waste of time? She hoped not. Well, she hardly had anything better to do. She considered moving over to help the pitiful creature that was to be their leader up. She changed her mind. If he could not stand up alone, why was she here?
  13. Thanks for posting. I'll work on a post with the centaurs countering you guys later... Sorry I've been inactive. I've been sick and haven't wanted to worry about the forums. Still a little sick. Dumb colds. Dumb immune system. This. It keeps getting slower. I want to try and work through part two, and then we can decide what to do concerning the RP.
  14. Talisman was embarrassed. There was no other word to describe the moronic feeling inside her chest as she doubled back, again stuffing the soccer ball which was the unfortunate cause of this feeling into her backpack. It wasn't allowed to take school equipment outside of the main buildings and field on campus, and she was already practically at her dormitory. Her room was located in the furthest section of the student housing buildings from the main campus, too. She began to jog, annoyed at the panic of the equipment rooms being locked up--though, they hardly ever were, she reasoned. Mostly for her, as she'd had a shouting match with one of her teachers about it at one point, always wanting to practice afterwards... but, well. She was passing near the main building, considering her homework. She had ditched it several times before, and had received a warning of the suspension of her scholarship, which she couldn't afford, so she knew she had to work on her mandatory history course even if she really, really didn't want to... and even if that feeling of not caring about dumb human monkeys from so long ago doing insane battles with lots of blood on top of pretty horses didn't appeal to her. It once had, she knew strangely--but for some reason, it felt less important now. @@Durandal, @@Ochre_Dust Stuck in the train of thought, she crashed directly into the back of the weird guy from earlier. Normally, the force of her run might've toppled the other over, but here his stance was so correct that she stumbled backwards. "Ow!" she muttered, then looked up at him. She immediately processed the fact that the girl had left. "Hey again," she said, about to continue, then changed her mind. "Er--where'd the girl go?" Was that someone over there? No, she must have imagined it. No wait, there he was, walking away, everything about his posture screaming 'I AM DANGEROUS AND ANGRY, BUT HIDING IT FAIRLY WELL'. She watched him suspiciously as she waited for a response, shifting her backpack's position on her back.
  15. "Fast!" Caramel said cheerfully as Tyra came in. She hadn't shot her arrow, for fear of shooting Ticktock--now she did, to stall the siren as she spoke again. "Blizzard--pony Blizzard--freeze the siren! Now!" She lifted the cage easily with her telekinesis, and maneuvered it easily through the air towards the siren. She couldn't have it dodge. "Ready?!" she called.