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    Baseball,town ball, bowling, musical organs and pianos, Nintendo and Sony video games, school teams, hanging out with my friends, being really social, My Little Pony, the weather, vacuum cleaners, and old technology

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  1. hi there and how are you doing.

  2. So, you like hockey just like me?

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    2. WisePie


      Your profile picture is the Omaha Lancers, so you must like hockey

    3. goofyg65


      it is manchester high school in chesterfield,va they too are the lancers. i am a slick hockey person i like baseball and softball and football

    4. WisePie


      Well, they took the logo from the Omaha Lancers just so you know.


      I too am a huge sports fan


      I play em too

  3. oh that banner is so cute the tears of joy could come at any moment:blush:

  4. goodnight everyone

  5. Awwwww Nawww that picture is so cute. The bow makes her look a lot younger in some respect.
  6. Cutie pie I would say
  7. Aww cutie pie:blush::blush::blush:

  8. its so cute nawwww. it looks beautiful
  9. Best friends forever. Cutie mark crusaders awww 

  10. Long time no see.


  11. I got an original nintendo controller at gamestop today plus 2 new brand new game cube controllers. I was able to get these types of controllers surprisingly because gamestop is usually about pre owned stuff and new videogame system based things

  12. if i could be rainbow dash for a day , listen to my weather radio, and give her updated info from the weather radio.
  13. Mega Thread

    I am feeling great. I like these forums. But I am lacking half of the friends I knew which isn't a good sign.
  14. nawwwww that picture looks so cute not to mention that fluttershy is blushing and i don't know why.