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    Treat others with respect the way they would want you to respect them.
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    Baseball,town ball, bowling, musical organs and pianos, Nintendo and Sony video games, school teams, hanging out with my friends, being really social, My Little Pony, the weather, vacuum cleaners, and old technology

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  1. Mega Thread

    I am feeling alright for right now.
  2. Oh fluttershy I saw a bunny in my front yard on the way back from something and yes I have missed the forums as well.
  3. Dash Yoshi I can't seem to send you any messages might want to check your inbox

    1. DashYoshi


      It's still pretty full. ^^;

    2. goofyg65


      what am I going to do.  How else can I message you?

    3. goofyg65


      Thanks to the new format now I don't know who's online. I loved the old format better.