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  1. JaytheMeh

    Things you want to like, but can't

    I really wanted to like attack on titan but i just found the show saying LOOK HOW SAD OUR CHARACTERS LIFES ARE! SO SAD! And honestly i don't like that.
  2. JaytheMeh

    Fan theories you hate.

  3. JaytheMeh

    Seasonal.... Rot?

    The show in my opion is only getting better i mean we just had a spike episode that does what a normal spike episode does and my opion it didn't suck or make me want to stop because spike was getting to ebarrased. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT?
  4. JaytheMeh

    Fan theories you hate.

    I get it. HORSE PUNS! It's a coltspiracy, dancing with jon de lancie, YA BUNCH OF NEIGH SAYERS!
  5. JaytheMeh

    Fan theories you hate.

    My little pony = The illumatnotti SOUNDS LEGIT!
  6. In the comments name some unpopular my little pony opions. I'll start with this one, I don't think we should be jacking off to horses. Best ones will be on the top here. @Yamet said "Luna, Derpy, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are overrated. Especially Luna." @NotoriousSMALL said "I think having a waifu is ridiculous." Angry Cartoon Nerd said "I don't hate Seasons 1 and 2, but I feel they get too much love, and that Seasons 4 and 5 are much better." Manman20x6 said "Since season 3, the songs have been getting more boring. I can't remember how half of the recent songs go. Compare that to season 1 songs like Winter Wrap-Up which every brony knows by heart." Pokekid534 said "Ditzy Doo is a better name." Sunsetmaster said "I never really liked Spike... but he has his moments but never really liked him." Chirox the pony said "Well as far as I'm concerned Granny Smith always ruins Applejack episodes, seriously she's just a generic elderly character what's so great about her? " Envy said "These characters were not created for your sexual/violent fantasies. They were created to show girls that there are many different ways to be yourself, and that there's nothing wrong with any of them." Whoever has this opion dose'nt understand the internet in genral. Porn and internet goes hoof and hoof and sometimes we need to accept it and ignore it. FlutterstepHD said "Dragon shy was by far the worst episode ever. It made me hate Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie and Twilight as well as turn me off the whole show, at the time. It could have prevented me becoming a brony :(" Night mist said "Queen Chrysalis was the best villain. She had a good plan, and she had a good motive. The only reason she truly lost is because the plot required it." Wow so far 10 unpopular opions woo hoo JonasDarkmane said "Sombra is really underrated " Megas75 said "Magic Duel was a turd of an episode." If we get to 25 unpopular My little pony opions I'll do a Unpopular Equestria Girls opions. Rarityfan01 said "Earth Ponies are the best race."
  7. JaytheMeh

    The kind of person you want to be.

  8. JaytheMeh

    Embarrassing nicknames for the ponies

    Um i got some Winkie pie Flubber shy And Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  10. JaytheMeh

    How Applejack Won the War Animation

    That was really good fovorite part was the grab your partner moment.
  11. JaytheMeh

    OOC Looking for Love {OOC}

    Your are (DOTS FOR SUPPENSE) ......... APPROVED!
  12. JaytheMeh

    Open Looking for Love

    {OCC} Thread https://mlpforums.com/topic/131504-looking-for-love-ooc/ Blue Jay: Okay i'm a little nervous but I know everything is gonna be fine. What if I find my special somepony? Nah i'm expecting to much. But I know this might be an enjoyable night. Now just wait for the mares. What if i get laughed at or shunned or something like that? No, everything will be a okay.
  13. Rp thread https://mlpforums.com/topic/131506-looking-for-love/ Blue Jay is looking for love so he's going to interview five random mares. Blue jay character thread https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/blue-jay-r8455 Rules: No male oc's please Jay is straight. NO DEATH NOR SEX! Be nice. No alicorns please. To sign up just put on your character's thread and reason why your character is looking for love. Limit 5 ponies not counting me Blue Jay I'll tell you when you can go on the roleplay. Ponies on the rp: Me(Blue Jay) Lollipop Eclipse(Lollipop Eclipse)
  14. JaytheMeh

    National Pink (Pony) Day!

    My birthday is on the same day as pink pony day.
  15. JaytheMeh

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I didn't sleep last night and i'm some how wide awake. Also my teeth are getting sharper and red's my new favorite color.