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  1. Simply Cerberus

    digital Metus Efficio (OC) (Request-drawing)

  2. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    It seems you accidentally wrote the wrong name, but that's not a big deal. Thanks
  3. Ah, it felt so good to draw again. 

    1. Tacodidra


      Great job! :yay:

  4. Simply Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    "Glad to hear it." Jenna said as the cafe started coming into a view, she was optimistic about it too, because even if the worst case scenario was what happened, they both having unnatural powers was bound to keep some kind of connection between them if not friendship. She started chuckling to herself after she though something "This is random and stupid question, but since you know, do you like cats?" "Or do you hate them?" The question was clearly meant in good humor, everyone knew that dogs didn't by nature hate cats, besides Oliver was a wolf, not a dog. She returned to her normal tone "Also, is there something you want to ask me?"
  5. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    Glad you like it , and I did the prison because I read her backstory and needed a good background (gray and white are pretty hard colors to choose background for if not using bright colors.) What do you mean? It's the second one in the list, and it's an old OC I scrapped, so you don't need to find it
  6. 2a0d0f68edf8652d82f858e56cb8ca78.jpg found this and since you like RD..:catface:

    1. TheTaZe


      This is honestly great! I love how her wings just shine in the moonlight! :pinkie:

  7. Hi, I finally drew something again, and without further ado, here's Metus Efficio,one of @Scare Effect's OCs. It was fun to draw, I forgot to add shadow on part of the mane but whatever, that happens.
  8. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    Here you go, Metus Efficio for you You can use the picture as long as you don't remove my signature. I didn't do tattoos on her hindlegs because I couldn't get the angle right so they would look good.
  9. Simply Cerberus

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad "It doesn't really lead to anywhere specific, it just loops around back to my and Jade's home." Sunlight explained between breaths "I just went through the map of Ponyville in my head and chose the route I figured would be best for now." "I'm actually not sure what named places there is on the route because I only focused on where I have to turn" she admitted slightly embarrassed, sure she remembered every named place around Ponyville, but they didn't come to her mind right know because she had pushed them deeper in her 'mind' due not needing them.
  10. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    I have decided to draw her, It will take 4h+, for my request, just take one OC from my 'About me' page, you can choose who you want t draw, and no need to hurry with it. (not the one with strikethrough)
  11. Simply Cerberus

    Do you buy art to hang it on your wall?

    Yes, I own more art/decorative stuff for my walls than I have walls. I have several things for my walls that are just on the ground in some corner because I don't currently have room for them on my walls.
  12. Simply Cerberus

    Choose a career for the avatar above you.

    Actor, because you can be literally anyone, or a stone Ninja'd Model
  13. Simply Cerberus

    Color text on mobile Thanks

    Yes, I second this so much, finally I can make my RPs colorful again
  14. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    So the tattoos are in each leg? (since you said fore-and hindlegs) I might draw her tomorrow, it depends on my mood, so I won't give my request yet in case I decide to not to.(I have problems with motivation but Metus is so interesting looking character that I want to draw her )
  15. Simply Cerberus

    I will draw any of your OCs if you draw one of mine

    I have a question about Metus Efficio's desing, Are the tattoos you see in the drawn picture all of the tattoos, or is there more (and if is, where and what kind).