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  1. Being a reclusive loner, which only reinforced their teasing of me. I was even called gay in the boys locker room when someone sprayed deodorant on me, which didnt make sense, but it really made me want to smash each of their faces into the lockers in a violent rage. I was then bullied at work once. I worked at the backroom as a stock boy with other stock boys. They kept on insulting me because i was the only Asian one there (they were all black). They finally stopped after they tried to push me and i rammed one of them over to a wall. The other three backed off of me. Mind you, these three guys were at LEAST a foot taller than me and they backed off when i retaliated. A manager even witnessed the events unfolding and nodded at the other guys picking on me and talked to me asking if i was okay. I told her no and she asked if i wanted to go home. I sucked it up and said i wanted to finish my shift, i just wanted to be left alone. That’s how i ended up doing on the floor go-backs while those guys got left with emptying three more trucks that night.
  2. Part of me is thinking about changing up my OC’s backstory in a weird way. 

  3. *takes long sip of coffee* Then get outta my office. Doc, Im feeling suicidal.
  4. image.thumb.jpg.7554b008c0c249aa446f776b613c9d33.jpgHere at Dreamhack in Anaheim 

  5. First date? State Fair. We were doing a cultural theatre show there. After our show, the director let us all loose. So, i took this opportunity to take my girl out on a fair date. We ate, played carnival games and had lots of fun. same.
  6. Milady, Princess Luna, how may i be of service to you?
  7. JUST CAUGHT A RANDOM WILD SHINY WHILE G-MAX HUNTING!!!!!!!image.thumb.jpg.17e9aa58631e54a4ebeb9f0e08be4924.jpg

  8. Just caught my second G-Max pokemon. 323F25BC-DAFB-4284-A8BB-6BC8DB9A1E2B.thumb.jpeg.0ca8353c51f7efeda45a11d0a27a40d2.jpeg

  9. Finally caught my first Gigantamax Pokemon that isnt gifted. image.thumb.jpg.36387d83084cec40e0cb05243f6d4d07.jpg

  10. Yes. IM bisexual. No judgement. same.
  11. This is making me laugh so hard and i have no idea why. :ButtercupLaugh:AED38E73-8C89-4BC7-B036-E1EE0917EFC0.jpeg.6fed2bba6ed5bc0e6a2e830b05f8e97a.jpeg

  12. Every crime drama:

    Police: Excuse me, would you mind answering some que-

    Citizen: OmG, tHeSe PoLiCe ArE hARaSsInG mE aNd ViOlAtInG mY rIgHtS aS a CiViLiAn!!!!!!!!!