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    Darkness is only an illusion, it can only be dark if u let it, me? I turned my back on the light a long time ago and instead joined the Derp side, as they have muffins ;)
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    My main 4 intrests are as follows ...
    1. Music .... I LOVE EDM and light metal/classic rock ... It is bae ...
    2. MLP ... Duh, I mean, I AM a brony after all :P
    3. Cars ... Irl, I own a 08' Subaru Impreza, 5-speed Manual ... Naturally
    4. Video Games ... Out of all these, this one is the biggest no brainer ... I LOVE my games ... Speaking of which, I'm keen for Forza Horizon 3 but I already love some older games as well, like gta San Andreas, that game was the shit for its time, too bad its now a dead game that people on pc who don't want to upgrade to console and cbf to play modern games play ... Hehe, I know its true for me even thou I play on console mainly xD ... K gtg, baii

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  1. sorry i have been inactive, work has me all tied down

  2. Mega Thread

    banned for not being Defective ... Oh wait, thats me
  3. well i know why i hate birthdays now .... because they just hurt me inside ....... if u need me pm me, im going back on hiatus again, but can be tracked on Discord, Insta, Skype and Xbox

  4. Is it a coincidence I used to use the same exact avatar that you're using now? Or is it a direct correlation? >u>

    1. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      lol, i would say concidence because i needed a G+ Scootaloo that screems Defective Scootaloo, and what better way to do that, then have her as the KFC logo? XD ... Speaking of Dovahchicken herself .....


  5. yay, im on the banner with my two best friends, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle :) where is Pinkie when u need her?

  6. how is everypony today?

    1. CinderHeart


      I'm doing good. 

  7. great, now things are going sour with a friend and coz its 2 am, i wont be sleeping well tonite .... ;-;

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Hope it improves, you can talk to me about it if it helps.

    2. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      actually im already talking to people about it :) thanks for the offer though

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Thats good and no problem :squee:

  8. Mega Thread

  9. Mega Thread

  10. ok i am back, i took a long time, a very long time ... you could almost say it was a Vera long time ..... No? ..... well ok then .... that was a pun on my OC, but whatever ....

    anyways i am still waiting on a few people to message me and other things to happen first but i still am reachable on my Discord or Skype (Skype preferred as im always there and barely on Discord) but I will try to be here more again :)

    how are we all?



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Johnny1226


      Good to see you scoots 

    3. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      good to see u too, Johnny ... how u been?

    4. Johnny1226


      I'm doing good thanks scoots

  11. Im sorry for my inactivity here on forums, Im under pressure and feeling the squeeze and has dropped my emotions to a point where I know I should be as far away from here as possibleimagesOTINPDEU.png.e421fc1f046cc30b4e6a4b57af3a15d2.png

    how is everyone else today, thou?

    1. CosmicSpark
    2. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      howdy CosmicC99879E3-6171-41B1-8E4D-387F1D8E9E1B.jpg.5943e791466bbd6aad2bf50c67542053.jpg

      how are you doing?

  12. idk what to do either, but have the finished image from that stream

    Liquid Cadence.jpg

  13. ugh, idk y, but its just getting harder, i wish i knew what to doimagesOTINPDEU.png.e421fc1f046cc30b4e6a4b57af3a15d2.png

  14. I can dig this avatar.
    It's a good avatar =w=


    1. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      thanks, i knew it was time for an update, and sorry i didnt get back to ya, shit has been so fuked lately that i needed space away from here, yea, that bad, ill be ok, i just need some alone time

    2. The_Gobo


      Sorry to hear about the bad times.
      Always keep in mind there's people who enjoy talking to you, myself included.
      Never lose hope, all will be well.

      Also, never apologize for being away, you have no obligation to be here :V


  15. I can dig this avatar.
    It's a good avatar =w=