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  1. Wow, Princess knows about me, can this day get any better? Thank you very much for the sweetest words I have ever heard in my life. Apple Bloom sends her greetings your highness... <3
  2. Hello Princess, What do you think about dancing? Do you dance often? Do you like it? Do you like performing on stage?
  3. OMG! This is really beautiful! I loved how you put your emotions as Princess Luna! A really good job!
  4. Aww so cute! A+ for you @Ginger Ale! That looks pretty cute unlikely what you said. You have talent you should go work on e-drawing. I have seen worse pony drawers believe me. I see a spark in you. Since Pear Butter is your favorite canon now; Here you go
  5. I loved it @Ginger Ale . It was a little shorter for me than the other shorts but finally they gave speech rights to CMC. (Canterlot Movie Club) I mean Lol. Nice post, you are super fast to hold this thread up. It just came few hours ago. You are fast like Rainbow Dash.
  6. Your avatar is quite hypnotic.

  7. I always look background in ponies... But MLP rarely use easter eggs, at least that I know off... I always focus on background and not too much to fluttershy and the characters speaking... xD
  8. MLP new episode! Link from Legend of Zelda is in the background! Not Lyra's butt.... xD
  9. It is official guys, we knew that Rainbow Dash had father, but we were unsure if he was alive or not! But on this Hearths Warming Day he visited his daughter! So he is alive! YAAY! Twilight's parents did not come tho, and as we can see no trail from Apple Jack and Fluttershy's parents... Pinkie Pie's parents did not come too I guess? I did not see anyways! Rainbow Blaze is here tho! I hope you can see it! Thanks for the view!
  10. Ok... So... We need guesses every pony, brony or pegasisters! We have Princess of the sun , Princess of the night , Princess of love , Princess of Friendship ... But what is this? Thought Skyla was coming as unicorn or pegasi, but we have Flurry Heart and as an alicorn? So anypony guess what Princess does she refer to? Princess of Innocence maybe? Comment your guesses everypony ! Hmmm... Looking serious to understand, spent 8 weeks thinking about it... :diamondtiara:
  11. Heey thanks for the add /)

    1. Tender Taps

      Tender Taps

      No problem! Loved your RD art <3!

    2. Varrack


      Oh it's not mine, just came across it randomly. But someday I'll draw like that ;)

    3. Tender Taps

      Tender Taps

      Oh nice! Everybody can be anything! Just keep working and imagining... And hoping also of course ! :D

  12. Thank you a lot <3 Such sweet and lovely comments I see there! It makes me more glad now that I joined the herd!
  13. Snow Belle