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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Cease and Desist shouldn't even be a thing?
  2. I can understand them using an instrumental because they don't want to have to deal with getting rid of the original voice, and I like the idea of adding new stuff to the intro to show the show progressing over time, but throwing in a random clip of the Crystal Empire is... Odd. If they had to fill those extra seconds of singing, just play a quick few second montage of moments from the show. I'll just quote what I said a minute ago. Yeah... A moment of silence for our Brony Vietnamese comrades.
  3. Just wanna say, the lawyers are part of Hasbro, so it is technically Hasbro doing it. I feel bad for you... Like, REALLY bad for you. I guess the smaller countries get less attention or something, MLP's most popular with the American crowd.
  4. Dear Maud. You know that whole fiasco about moving the rock farm was months ago right?
  5. Fair enough. To be honest I think Star Wars wasn't the best example to use there. Looking at the seventh movie it actually got a lot of praise from fans and critics/general audiences. If anything these manchildren are in the minority... But I don't blame you, I can't really think of many movies that were slagged off by fans but loved by the general audience.
  6. Yeah, that'd be funny. I think It'd also be a chance for Discord to get some character development.
  7. It would take several episodes to send one letter. With Discord as Steve Urkel.
  8. I don't think they don't care, It's more they have way bigger things to focus on. And look, if fans are disappointed by a movie which is part of a series that left a big legacy, they have every right to be mad about it. George Lucas tampered with the original movies, and the prequels came out horrible. I don't know about 7 because I haven't seen it yet, but still...
  9. Yeah, and then there's things that are just unfair like the removal of most of JanAnimations MLP videos. The Brony opinion doesn't matter? Bronies are half the reason the show is even very well known nowadays, of course the Brony opinion matters. Of course, It's not only Bronies that'll be watching, It'll also be the little girls and the critics looking for new movies to review when it comes out. I never said the movie was a panderfest, if anything I hate that term. There's no harm in having a few nods to the show in there, that's not pandering, It's called fan service. One thing Hasbro has
  10. Copyright law sucks... Hasbro doesn't seem to get fair use.
  11. I guess, but still, people have probably made videos like that before.
  12. Audio Commentary and Deleted Scenes sound nice, not sure what you mean by bonus games. God no, not stuff that requires a PC to access, I hate pointless locking away of content! Concept art is cool as well as blooper reels, but sing-a-longs would be a little redundant though, lyrics are easily found online
  13. Yeah, pretty much I'm just thinking the occasional one liner for her once or twice in an episode. Yes the show won't be about her, but I think it would make sense to at least have her around.
  14. Yeah, It's something all right. Eh, don't get your hopes up.
  15. Well, as a background character she wouldn't hurt, but keep her out of the main plot.
  16. Yeah, you say that but plenty of people have already been harsh on the writing team for Seasons 5 & 6, who says they'll be any less critical of it here? I'm unaware of any special features, I watch the show and movies on Netflix. Anything particularly interesting on those DVD's?
  17. Actually, that's something I hope the movie will explore, Twilight DOES still have access to the book of the Royal Sisters, she can probably read up on the history, which transitions into a flashback. Not something necessary for a whole series, but if the movie doesn't cover it, maybe so. Luna's changes sound more interesting to show, Sombra on the other hand... Eh, there's not enough to him to make an entire series based off his character. Oh yeah, that would be pretty neat. Sounds awesome. Eh, are those ponies really developed enough for a series? Yus... And yus... N
  18. And yet I don't feel like going anywhere near the last 3 generations of MLP. Go figure.
  19. Same here, they really don't do that enough in the main series.
  20. I feel ya, it wasn't from my time, but I think G1 is the best thing to come out of the franchise, is that strange? Though the Prime show is a close second.
  21. Yeah, It's a little ridiculous. I don't buy transformers toys anymore either way, but the movie toys always look so unappealing...
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