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  1. Good point. I never thought about that... Aaaaawwww, that's so cute
  2. Right you are, friend. I've never watched We Bare Bears, Clarence or Uncle Grandpa, but Steven Universe is definitely a big hit for me right now, I'm glad it looks we're a while from the end of that show. I hear Uncle Grandpa Isn't too bad though. PPG is just slightly on the level of meh. Perhaps, though I think differently. Don't get me wrong, I've watched the older cartoons from the 80s and 90s and think they're really great, but since I was born in the time period, I've always had a slightly bigger affection towards the 2000's, although the later 2000's were a little disappointing o
  3. Yeah, that'd be cool. Too bad humans can't fly or anything.
  4. Short, sweet, to the point. Awwww, that's cute. I have a feeling I can tell who your fav is... Eh, ya never know, she can be surprising. Yeah, bacon hair has come a long way since EG 1. And so a rivalry begins... (Intense music)
  5. OK, let's say theoretically you find a magic mirror, or a portal, or some kind of thing that lets you communicate with your favourite pony, but you can only say one thing to them. You aren't allowed to actually travel into Equestria, nor are they allowed to cross to Earth. You only have a limited time to say what you want to, so make it count.
  6. Wow, that's a little, uh, dark. To be fair while I am worried I don't think one or two show duds are going to kill the entire channel, It's still very successful in terms of profit from what I know. There's nothing wrong with appealing to multiple audiences either, but Nickelodeon is dead and gone already, Spongebob has been running for way too long and as a result has gotten stale, most of the new shows they bring out nowadays are either painfully mediocre, slightly above a pass or disgraceful, and I think they've really shot themselves in the foot.
  7. To be fair some of their live action movies aren't half bad.
  8. I understand having an affection for shows like Johnny, Dexter, Powerpuff etc. But I get what you mean by how we've taken inspiration from them to create new content. Johnny Test is the new Dexter's Lab pretty much (Yeah, I know I'm in the minority here but I liked it, sue me.) and you can find more comparisons later down the road too. I'd love to think that everything will be sunshine and rainbows, but we don't have a way to know that, I just hope you're right. To be honest, thinking about Nick, I honestly think It's too late for them. I was always more of a CN fan anyway, but still, Nicke
  9. Axeing somepony off the show Isn't the same as improving the character, there's a difference. If anything that would just make Starlight worse off...
  10. Yeah, but not every show... There should at least be variety. Nah, I think MLPs still doing just fine right now, though you're probably right on the changing trends here. I hate franchise labelling too so I can sympathise with ya there. To be honest I don't mind looking at new stylistic preferences as long as It's done well with writing, animation, etc. I can accept it. Making our own sounds like a bad idea, but we DO have the internet I suppose, I don't feel cartoons are obsolete though, people do still care about TV cartoons.
  11. I'm not a big fan of either of those companies, especially 4Kids for their stupid censorship practices, often terrible dubbing and overall diminishing the quality of the show, and it seems most anime they dub don't even really fit their dubbing style, the only one I can think of that does is Ultimate Muscle. Acting like relationships don't exist, nor tradition and violence is stupid, these dubs are raising children to think that things like that don't exist, and then when they're hit with the harsh reality of the real world they're gonna struggle. It's sad 4Kids are the only reason I was ever
  12. True, but I don't think Twilight would let someone really dumb be her assistant.
  13. Since when was Spike a dumb character anyway?
  14. I don't really have a comment on most of that since the only Disney Channel show I watch is Gravity Falls, and that's over so... Meh. I will agree that Big Hero 6 sounds exciting. Too late to say that. Powerpuff Girls Reboot Ben 10 Reboot Samurai Jack Reboot Actually as a matter of fact, that video partially inspired me to make this post in the first place, so yeah. I love me some Saberspark.
  15. Oh, don't get me wrong, every decade still has It's bad cartoons, none of them have only good ones and only bad ones, I don't think the 90's are overrated though. I guess there is still some hope, to be honest I haven't heard of those upcoming ones you mentioned, or Mighty Magiswords for that matter. Voltron making a comeback sounds interesting, and in terms of adult cartoons, there's no drought in those, The Simpsons and Family Guy are still going strong along with those newer shows. I'm sorry for making everything seem gloom and doom, but even with those positives you mentioned, I think I st
  16. Debating is totally fine, I just don't want things to get out of hand to the point where we're fighting like animals.
  17. Call me picky, but I don't think that'd work. Yeah, it might be made by bronies, but that really depends on if you trust the brony community to make a full TV series, plus, it might be a show about cartoon ponies, but, well It's not My Little Pony. This kind of crowdfunding thing works for video games, but TV shows? I don't see it being successful.
  18. Tell me about it, I could probably make an entire post specifically on that show if I wanted to, but I feel like It's been done to death already. Mind you, I've seen much worse cartoons on TV, and maybe if I look at the show by itself, It's just above a passing grade but there are so many parts that are painful to watch, and compared to the original it can't compete, I don't think nostalgia's telling me that either, because I didn't get to watch the original show until years after It's cancellation.
  19. Now, I'm a big fan of cartoons, the fact that I'm even using this site should make that obvious, but really until about a year or so ago I've never really known much about their history through the 80's and 90's and all that. Point is, I'm not that big of an expert on the subject, so if what I'm saying turns out to be complete bogus, I'm sorry for that. Anyway, pushing aside the discussion of whether MLP should end soon or not, It's obviously reasonable to assume that we will probably get G5, in a few years at latest. These types of cartoons usually tend to last in certain decade, and soon eno
  20. Sorry, I kinda misunderstood what you said there. It's my job to say what?
  21. I don't think that would work honestly. It seems there's only one version of Sunset Shimmer, so we can't have her hopping between worlds all the time. Besides, Starlight is supposed to be the pony equivalent to the Mane 6 as Sunset Shimmer is to the Humane 6, that's how it works. One thing I wanna add though, is that a lot of Starlight hate I see comes from how she was instantly forgiven for her actions, I myself am fine with that, but there's one little thing. Sunset pretty much gets the same thing in Equestria Girls, yet everyone on here gives her a free pass. To be fair she is a main ch
  22. True, I wanna see an episode where Starlight and the Mane 6 bond a little more, they're all best buds from the start of Season 6, so I guess there was some offscreen befriending them we didn't see...
  23. Starlight's always been a touchy subject on this forum, I don't know why, it just is. Usually, in most posts I see, no matter how unrelated they are, a discussion always seems to surface about how Starlight's character was handled in the show. As someone who often defends Starlight, I don't usually get involved in those kind of discussions anymore, but maybe It'd be nice to get our creative juices flowing a little, because hey, if so many of us think it was done badly, why don't WE say how it should be done? The rest, you can figure out from the title. For the sake of having something subs
  24. And so, the Powerpuff Ponies were born!
  25. I've been wanting to try my hand at making my own OC character for a while now, but every time I try, whether it be my own Ponysona, an alternate version of an existing character, or just someone completely new, I feel like they always turn out crappy and cliche, with very little interesting about them, not to mention a big part of an OC is the actual image of the OC themselves, but I'm not a good artist so all I'm able to provide is a description of what he/she looks like. Does anyone have any tips on how to make a good, unique Pony OC?
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