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  1. don't say sorry to me, feel bad for the person i did this too
  2. i'm sorry for my pride i am no victim, i was a criticizing bully, a horrible friend and person. I am disappointed with myself i treated a friend badly for having an open relationship it was not to my norm, i was not accepting this was last year, i feel terrible for it i want to apologise but i doubt it matters my pride ruined it i could't realise how terrible i was until i realised how kind he was he was a good friend, a nice friend i want to change i'm sorry maybe he'd think i'm apologising now because he's a well known brony in the community maybe he'll assume i don't mean it because i did not know him for long at the time maybe he thinks i want to use him for his fame but it's hard to be genuine when someone will think badly of you because of their status and what manipulators can do with it i'm sorry my friend please know i am sorry but you know what, maybe writing this means nothing, maybe i was just another person who wasn't happy with him and he forgot, maybe i'm or actually i'm not important, this is not important maybe it's worthless to try anyways because the world still goes round. I want to make a difference because i care but i doubt it matters here and now...nobody seems to care when you try to make things right, a year later.
  3. I would like that, pm me anytime to chat ^^ i'd like to be friends yeah!
  4. I'm really excited for the movie in 2017,i have a feeling it'll be like the ending of harry potter where they send their kids off, i feel like the mane 6 or 7 may have that same type of ending with some of them with fillies of their own learning about friendship as well, since it was said twilight ages like everypony else would't she want somepony to continue after her? maybe starlight, or her own daughter perhaps? if the show had an ending like that it'd let me and probably others feel content that they enjoyed their life and a good ending without any tragedy, or, maybe the movie might apply to more of the adult based fandom, being higher rated for serious moments. What do you think?
  5. yeah i'll do my best to be respectful and knowing you're shy too makes me feel better
  6. so, uh..hi..i..guess...

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      see? i knew all along that there would be one~ starlight is also supercool on my eyes!

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      hehe i guess so mhm

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      speaking of, enjoying your time on here? Is it like you want, or do you want help with anything?~

  7. Hi! nice to be back, phew, nice to meetcha, i'm uh, cloudy...cloudyhail um i really wanna be a good memeber so i'm a bit shy as to where to post so i may not do that unless it's my blog post, i'm a bit um..well i know the moderators are wonderful people, i know they have rules and some are as firm as ever, so i'm a little shy to do anything without knowing what i am doing, don't wanna get in trouble. My birthday was 2 days ago and i got a microphone stand for my singing and an ipad pro and an ipad pencil! pretty cool. I love mlp and hope to make friends, i'd like to have someone to talk Starlight is learning about friendship so am i!, i don't know how to keep friends and have good connections with people and i need to learn to maintain a friendship..can somepony help me...i have no idea..every friend i make i drift apart from. I'm artistic and i love nature.
  8. Welcome to MLP Forums, ChaosOfSaddness! I hope you have a great time here. /)