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  1. Is this a good fairwell and explaination? 
    Hello everyone. With a heavy heart I must inform you that I am leaving forums for a while. Possibly forever. This has nothing to do with you all in general but something has come up in my life that has made me question how everything is in my life currently. So I am basically going on a fast of some sort and will not be visiting this place. And if my reason for this is correct, I may never come back on. If you are curious where I am I will be here most likely  https://discord.gg/FqghSuv  But I will not be doing things like I was on here. I will be doing this with my good friend @EthRitt

    I appreciate everything everyone has done for me and I have enjoyed making art, jokes and being a shoulder to cry on for some of you. I love you all so much. I pray that you all will find your way to knowledge and truth. As I am. God bless you all! 

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    2. TheRockARooster


      Take care, LP.

      Sorry about not responding as soon as your message came through.

      I wish you nothing but the best and hope you'll be extremely happy.

      Thank you for being such a great friend.

    3. Wingnut


      Sorry to see you go.  Hopefully you can come back someday but if not best wishes! :) 

    4. Le Trotteur Sauvage

      Le Trotteur Sauvage

      I can't believe I'm only seeing this now ! You've made your goodbye when I was gone, and I'm sad that you'll never read my farewell but I just want to say that we all miss you already. We'll never see your drawing again nor you cute little blue red headed poney ! :(
      I hope you the best, even if you're never gonna read this, have a wonderful life, may the peace and love be with you !

  2. @EthRitt I had to laugh at that. It reminded me of a story my mom told me. As I took the custard out and set it on the table along with the fishe sticks, I told the story. "Haha! That reminds me of a story my mom told me. She is a HUGE tea drinker, and when I asked how tea was first thought of she made up a story that there was a man sitting under a tree drinking hot water. A leaf fell into the water and gave it flavor. And when he drank it he said," with dramatic effect I raised my hand as if I was reciting an exciting soliloquy,"It's- It's tea!" I laughed. "I don't know if you find that
  3. @EthRitt I smiled at him. "Thats alright. We can try them later if you want." I turned towards the oven and took the fish sticks out. "I'm going to let these cool for a minute along with the custard and then it will be ready to devour! But I must say, isn't that an odd combination? I mean I'm all for trying new things but I've never just thought, 'oh I fell like having fish sticks. And I think I'll have some custard to go with that!'."
  4. @EthRitt Iooked towards The Doctor. "As long as your happy with my service, your gratitude is all the thanks I need. So it will be about ten minutes for the custard to cool. But the fish sticks will be ready in about 5 minutes. And then I'll let them cool a bit." Just then I heard the tea kettle whistle. I turned to the kettle and turned off the burner. She grabbed two tea cups and two oolong bags of tea. She put them into the hot water and put one in front of the Doctor. "Here. Let this steep for about two minutes for maximum flavor. It's more of a savory tea. It's wonderful." She said a
  5. @EthRitt I felt great cooking for someone else for once. I have only cooked for myself for about two years. Never really had any friends and I only visited my family but they never visited me. So as I finish cooking everything, I put the custard in a couple of drinking bowls and put them in the freezer for a couple. "Do you like your custard cold warm or hot?"
  6. For anyone else that goes to church...

    who else has had this happened?! I know it happens a lot. Especially when  was at camp, and the thrid morning.IMG_3667.JPG.7be6d3a051d38f66720c201eaab8d0b5.JPG

    but im the one to say "Take your time Pastor!" XD

    1. The_Gobo


      I don't think I've ever heard someone do that, myself.
      Though I HAVE heard several pastors, and I think one priest, 'end' a sermon several times before ACTUALLY ending a sermon :V


  7. Yes. I have played all of them and love them. Other than the flood. I hate the flood.
  8. @EthRitt my Eyes grew wide at this request. "Well ok then! I'll make sure I keep the hot water going. I think I'll have some oolong my self. Do you take any sugar or sweetener in you tea?" I asked while I added my ingredients together for the custard. Then I also got the fish sticks from the freezer and turned the oven on. Better to have them in the oven rather than just nuking them.
  9. @EthRitt I looked at the list slightly amused. There were a few of these things that I can make. I knew I couldn't just find custard at any store but thankfully I actually knew how to make homemade custard. I was kind wanting some custard at the moment too actually. And I did have fish sticks in the freezer. So I thought that would be a good choice. "So you just keep this list with you? That's awesome." I stated as I looked at the list. "I can make the fish sticks and custard. I don't have any custard but I can actually make it. And I have some teas that you may like. i mostaly have Green
  10. @EthRitt I did feel good about have a guest over I do have to say. And this gentleman did seem nice enough. Didn't seem like he would cause any trouble. I think I will trust him enough to stay here. As I pulled into my driveway I parked my car and got my purse from the back. I led the way into my house. Sadly it wasn't really prepared for guests but I didn't have bunch of stuff anyways and I usually wasn't one to just leave much out of sorts. The only thing was I hadn't taken the trash out and I still had my breakfast plate and coffee on the table. So I quickly put those into my dish wash
  11. @EthRitt I was shocked to say the least. He offered to sleep on a bench?! No. Not while I am helping him. "Nonsense, I have a spare bedroom. You can sleep there. Since I found you and am helping you I am in charge of making sure you get what you need. And a good nights rest is probably one of those things." I said to him assertively.
  12. @EthRitt Lifinda glanced over to see a slight saddened look on his face but decided not to question it. She knew how it must have felt. When she too left her home she was saddened but she had to. She was an adult and she needed to make her own way in the world. As they wnetered the city she looked around for any hardware stores or stuff if the sort. Most everything was closed at this time of night. It was in fact 12:31 am. "I don't know if we are going to find much of anything open at this time of night for you to fix your TARDIS. Do you need a place to stay for the night?
  13. I would blush profusely. And if I liked the person to I would feel weak in my knees and I would be at a loss for words, but find my words that I have rehersed so many times for this occasion. I dream too much ^^ why did I respond to this twice.... idk I just like thinking about it! But I would not want to get I a relationship now. That's something for the future :l
  14. @EthRitt I couldn't help but laugh a bit at that grin. He seemed like a trustworthy person. I kept driving doing my best to think of as many good questions as I could. Then I remembered how he mentioned his home planet. "So then... are you an alien technically? And what is you planet Gallifrey like?"
  15. @EthRitt I thought on this for a minute. "I guess we could try and find a hardware store. I don't know if there would be any open at this time of night but who knows." I also thought of a question to ask him. "So you said that, that machine, The TARDIS? Could travel time and space? Kinda hard to believe. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now." It did sound crazy. I would really like to believe him because that would be absolutely amazing, but I need a little bit mire than the word of a stranger. Though the longer we talked though, the less he bacame a stranger.
  16. @EthRitt I was happy with this. "Ok. Well hop into my car and I'll take you to Mayleane. It's where I live." And I also thought it is late so he might need a place to stay. That would take a lot of trust to let him into my house so I decided that I would take this time to get to know him. That or maybe he just needs to get some supplies for his ship. "Also, do you need to go somewhere specific?"
  17. @EthRitt This was risky for a stranger but I already am helping him so I replied. "Sure. I'm sorry I didn't ask if you needed a ride before. Oh I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Lifinda." And out of habit I stretched my hand out to shake his.
  18. @EthRitt I didn't know what to say to this. A strange man coming out of thin air in a strange ship? And he travels through space and time?! This was almost to good to be true. I did want to help him and as a good person I was going to but you can't be to careful around strangers. "Sure." I said in a cautious tone. "What can I do to help?"
  19. @EthRitt this was which a strange question to ask. But she was obliged to answer it. "2017... I must say that is such a strange question to ask. Why is it that you ask that?" She asked the question genuinely.
  20. @EthRitt Lifindas P.O.V. After I heard him talk to me I was astonished. I dints know what to except. But of course I have to be polite and answer back. "H-hello? Who are you?" I maybe should have waited to ask him that but it just kinda slipped out.
  21. @EthRitt Lifinda's P.O.V. In a patch of velvety moss I lie. The wind blows softly over me carrying a fragrance of the morning breeze. As I stroke the moss I make a reluctant decision to stand up. As I do I start to walk. This peace was wonderful and allowed one to release any tensions of normal life. Then the wind stops. I hear a sound like flames. I look around then up. What I see stopped me dead. There was a dozen flaming speaks that were hurdling towards the Earth. I wanted to run but I was stuck to the ground. I felt a dread come through my body as one hurdled straight for me
  22. Welp, it's been fun. Buenos nachos everyone! *cries that no one get the inside joke* lol. No seriously though. Goodnight.

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      Goodnight there, sleep well! :)

    3. The_Gobo


      I prefer 'Buenos No-cheese" but hey, to each their own :3


    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Goodnight, sleep well! :)

  23. Not of heights themselves. It would be falling that would frighten me. As long as I know I'm safe I'm good. *sits down in a prayer position*
  24. Can I have a yoga mat made of universal energy to soothe my mine and inspire my inner artist?
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