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  1. Banned because you don't drink coffee. And you don't understand the above guy.
  2. Banned for offensive face that should be censored immediately.
  3. So I heard that @Feather Spiral sometimes likes to drag his socially awkward friends to conventions.
  4. Banned because I haven't banned someone in almost a year.
  5. I'm alive! I've just been busy and forgot about this site! Anyways I have some new work out!

    New story at:

  6. Hey, I did ok work on a story and got chapter 2 up for Not Our Sunset.

  7. Banned because Venomizing is getting annoying.
  8. Banned because I don't know what a gundam kit is
  9. Oh I got a new YouTube channel. I don't got any videos yet, though.

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    2. YellowHornBrony


      More of Fanfic reader, Social Media roller and pony stuff. Probably reactions too.

    3. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      Sounds interesting, i already subscribed.

    4. YellowHornBrony
  10. Banned for trying to use proper grammar but forgot the period.
  11. Banned because Glim Glam belongs in the trash can. Oh shit, I guess I ban myself for slow computer.
  12. Banned because I fing murdered Celestia and Luna
  13. Banned because I'm an Alicorn and I can do whatever tf I want.
  14. Oh, okay, just give me the base and I can draw it. Also, banned for using Pny Generator.