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Everything posted by ShinGojira

  1. Cyberpunk 2077 baby!

  2. I may be 25 years late to it, but im enjoying Evangelion so far!

    1. AveryGamerDude


      I love NGE as much as the next guy, but good lord... it's probably the most overrated 90s anime IMO. :sunny:

  3. Wow uh...its been quite a while...again, lol. Hopefully everyone has been safe during this time! And uh, hello! 

    1. TheRockARooster


      Welcome back, Shin.

  4. Wooow its been some time...uhhh.. hi!

    1. Messy Mane

      Messy Mane

      Was thinking the same thing


    2. CosmicSpark
  5. Man, life has been busy lately! How are you all doing? Good I hope :adorkable: It's been a long while.

  6. Glad my buddy sold me his Xbox One X. I get to play Spyro now!

  7. I'm finally trying Bayonetta for the first time and so far I really like it! I really like games that let you pull off flashy combos. So much possibilities on how to just totally beat the crap out of people!

  8. Oooo I like the new banner! :mlp_grin:

  9. Love finds you when you least expect it. 

  10. Gah. I'm just way more active on Steam and Discord sometimes I forget to come on here. :(

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Understandable. My interest in the Forums has suffered quite as of lately, as yours has. It may just be the natural cycle of life, though; your interest may eventually fade to dust one day.

      ... But that's enough melancholy. :darling: I'm glad to see that you still care!

    2. Widdershins


      @The Recherche “your interest may fade to dust one day.”

       ... y’know. Personally. I find that the saddest, most depressing thing ever is in allowing an idea to die.

       Our existence & reality are based around our emotions, outlook & reactions to stuff. Saying something like “The show just doesn’t interest me like it used to.” both baffles & worries me. 

       To move on, you leave a part of you behind. What once was, can again be. You can look back at episodes & not get the same wonderment you once did, but to give up entirely & lose hope of the show ever living up to new expectations feels like burning a proverbial bridge.

       I consider myself a part of everything I have come into contact with; I grow by accumulation. 

       Like a dungball, like a dungball.

  11. I sold my Xbox One like a moron and I REALLY miss Halo. 

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Damn, that blows... I believe you can still purchase it on on Windows 10 though, yes? I may be mistaken, though.

    2. Widdershins


      Ya lost your Halo then? This make you a demon then?

  12. Thanks for the follow! ^_^

  13. How are all of yall doin? I feel bad for not being so active ;~;

  14. I was around 14 years old! I had just started my freshman year or high school.
  15. Procrastination..but chewing on my nails is a very close second!
  16. I feel kinda bad for being so inactive as of late! Life kinda gets in the way, ya know? :grin:  ....and video games.... :adorkable:

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    2. ShinGojira


      I'm a slave to my job XD. I'm trying to better my position in it as I speak. Then hopefully it will be a lot less stressful!

    3. The_Gobo


      I hope you get that promotion!
      Rest the stress!


    4. ShinGojira


      It wouldn't be a promotion. But it would be better than what i'm doing now! I'm slightly losing faith honestly. Hope it goes well. 

  17. After 10 LOOONG days, I have the weekend to relax! :grin:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShinGojira


      A lot of video games! I guess cleaning my room and doing laundry could  also be included... :rarity:

    3. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Well, hey; nobody said you can't do both. :catface: Just be sure not to put off your responsibilities too long!

    4. ShinGojira


      I kinda have a problem with that...lol :adorkable:

  18. Work is killing me! :(

    1. Rikifive


      I know that feel. :mlp_icwudt:

    2. NightmareLuna800


      I feel you. I know how tough work is, trust me. I hope it gets easier on you!

    3. The_Gobo


      How so? D:


  19. I might be biased buuuut....In-N-Out
  20. Mfw I come back from vacation and 3, possibly 4 people quit 



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    2. ShinGojira


      I'm going to be unfortunately lol. Might be working a lot of 6 day weeks soon!

    3. The_Gobo


      Well at least you'll get a lot of OT, yeah?


    4. ShinGojira


      Yeah. A bit. On the 6th day I will. 

  21. My vacation was fun while it lasted but I'm kinda eager for work tomorrow!

    1. The_Gobo


      I get the same way when I take a few days off :D


  22. Ugh. Math easily!! Hate it.

    1. The_Gobo


      ooohhh, good song :3


  24. Just some star wars stuff!
  25. Man, 2 days into my vacation and I think i'm already bored~! lol

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    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      That's very true as well; your home won't clean itself, after all~! :squee:

    3. ShinGojira


      I could stare at it and wait until to see if anything happens buuuut I don't think it'll get me very far! :muffins:

    4. The_Gobo


      I had when that happens lol


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