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    i love MLP:FIM and i like some videogames too, like undertale, the legend of zelda, infamous second son, and, too i like other cartoon series like steven universe, regular show, adventure time and others

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  1. D4shi3


    Hi there seapony! Nice to meet you! If you want someone to talk i'll always be available
  2. Thanks! The two of you! Really! Oh and unumbra thanks for the friday movie night! I didn't know about it.
  3. thanks! glad someone´s happy with me beeing here
  4. well then, i am just a boy of 16 years old that like ponies (especially rainbow dash) and i am kinda shy. nobody knows that i am a brony, not my parents my brothers and not even my friends... i got here because i wanted to talk with people that liked My Little Pony: Friendship is magic as i do... i am from argentina and i am following MLP since like more or less a year ago. i loved the season 4, 5 & 6 finale more than the others (i´m not saying i didn´t like them, i´m just saying that the others were better for me) i learned a lot of english, but sometimes i get a little delayed with the language ^-^ (excuse me if there is a misspelling on the post). anyway, i play basketball here, and like, too some videogames. well, that is all i can say about myself, i think. i started beeing here since yesterday (27/12). if someone by some way wants to talk with me, i´m able anytime! Hope you have a nice day! Edited: nevermind, all the seasons were awesome, not only those three
  5. hiya there pinkieshy! nice to meet you! i´m new to this website too so if you want someone to talk, i could be an option!
  6. hi there fruit cake! welcome back, i can say! i´m new to this website too, so i´m trying to make new friends! nice to meet you by the way
  7. Thank you all everypony! I appreciate what you are doing! I'm glad i found people so friendly as all of you! I'll be glad to talk to everyone
  8. Thanks for adding me as a Friend!

    1. D4shi3


      thanks you for beeing my friend, too!

  9. my little dashie... sad but beautiful story

    1. Raven Drakeaurd
    2. D4shi3


      i saw it like 3 days ago and still i get sad when think about it... poor dashie...

    3. Raven Drakeaurd

      Raven Drakeaurd

      God, I know right?

  10. hey! thanks for the add :3 (and welcome to the forums ;o)

  11. Hi there! I am new to all this and as i dont have brony friends i wanted to see if i could get new ones here... i am from Argentina... i wish to make any brony friends.. thanks for reading by the way
  12. Welcome to MLP Forums, D4shi3! I hope you have a great time here. /)

    1. D4shi3


      thanks! i will!