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    as somepony once said, "if you keep your head high, do your best and believe in yourself, anything can happen"
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    i love MLP:FIM and i like some videogames too, like undertale, the legend of zelda, infamous second son, and, too i like other cartoon series like steven universe, regular show, adventure time and others

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  1. D4shi3


    Hi there seapony! Nice to meet you! If you want someone to talk i'll always be available
  2. D4shi3

    A little bit of myself ^-^

    Thanks! The two of you! Really! Oh and unumbra thanks for the friday movie night! I didn't know about it.
  3. D4shi3

    A little bit of myself ^-^

    thanks! glad someone´s happy with me beeing here
  4. well then, i am just a boy of 16 years old that like ponies (especially rainbow dash) and i am kinda shy. nobody knows that i am a brony, not my parents my brothers and not even my friends... i got here because i wanted to talk with people that liked My Little Pony: Friendship is magic as i do... i am from argentina and i am following MLP since like more or less a year ago. i loved the season 4, 5 & 6 finale more than the others (i´m not saying i didn´t like them, i´m just saying that the others were better for me) i learned a lot of english, but sometimes i get a little delayed with the language ^-^ (excuse me if there is a misspelling on the post). anyway, i play basketball here, and like, too some videogames. well, that is all i can say about myself, i think. i started beeing here since yesterday (27/12). if someone by some way wants to talk with me, i´m able anytime! Hope you have a nice day! Edited: nevermind, all the seasons were awesome, not only those three
  5. D4shi3

    Hi Y'all

    hiya there pinkieshy! nice to meet you! i´m new to this website too so if you want someone to talk, i could be an option!
  6. D4shi3

    Heya, everypony!

    hi there fruit cake! welcome back, i can say! i´m new to this website too, so i´m trying to make new friends! nice to meet you by the way
  7. D4shi3

    Hello everypony!

    Thank you all everypony! I appreciate what you are doing! I'm glad i found people so friendly as all of you! I'll be glad to talk to everyone
  8. D4shi3

    Hello everypony!

    Hi there! I am new to all this and as i dont have brony friends i wanted to see if i could get new ones here... i am from Argentina... i wish to make any brony friends.. thanks for reading by the way