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  1. Open Mavel Cinematic Universe Rp

    @Buck Testa As the duo typed away, defending London’s precious setup, a tiny notification block appeared on London’s computer display. Both of them looked up at it, London wondering what it was and why it was distracting them. He knew notifications were only turned on when he received a work notification...London put the pieces together. “Oh, Jackson. Gotta go. Forson wants me.” Jackson frowned and then stood. She didn’t know what Forson would want with London on the weekend. AIM couldn’t possibly know about the hack, right? “Is this about your hack?” “I guess.” “What!? How did Forson know? Did you even engage failsafe program Marauder?” ”Well, yeah, but I-” “Just go, London. Get it over with. I’ll start packing up the computers.” “Ok, Jackson. I’ll be back soon, hopefully.” London left the house and got into his car and started it up. He thought about whether he would have legal consequences and what would happen to his relationship with Jackson. He decided that he would not let anything happen.
  2. Open Mavel Cinematic Universe Rp

    London’s fingers performed feats of motion across his keyboard as his display flamed with color. Injecting network packets containing security payloads into his defense network, his computer’s defenses grew stronger. Whirling around to press a button on his wrist connected to a small, slim comms unit, he spoke into it, yelling. “Jackson! JACKSON!! JACKS-” A smooth, female voice answered through the comms (btw, she is not an AI, Jackson is his girlfriend, @Buck Testa Do you want a character sheet for her?). “What do you need, code monkey?” it asked, in an unsurprised tone. London sighed in relief and stopped yelling. “Give me the records for the last 15 minutes of netsecurity, please.” “The file has been uploaded to our private server.” ”Thanks. Would you also bring down some sour cream and onion chips and a cold beer?” “Sure.” “You can come down, too.” “Coming.” A few minutes later, a black woman with shoulder-length hair walked through the door to London’s room, holding a bag of chips and two cold beers. She sat down and handed London a beer before taking a look at the computer screen. “What happened?” London gave a sad and embarrassed smile. “I may have hacked into the security cameras of Stark Tower before JARVIS forced me out. I’m now strengthening our netsecurity defenses in case it attacks.” Jackson went pale. “London! Why would you do that!? Also, nice job!” London sighed. “I don’t know. I just wanted to see him more than the TV did.” Jackson nodded in understanding before pulling over another chair, and taking another keyboard and mouse, and typing on the computer. Her yellow code layered over London’s blue code as she helped seal defenses.
  3. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    I like @Hierok because it is super memorable and reminds me of my favorite anime SAO.
  4. Absolutely. Although I do think that the general public did know. And also, even if they did not, London idolizes Stark, so he would probably know.
  5. Open Mavel Cinematic Universe Rp

    @Buck Testa London stood up and activated emergency cooling systems, but the computer had already shut down. He swore in an impressive string that would have made Rocket Raccoon proud, then stood up and leapt for his security failsafe lever. Pulling it, all of the data being stored by Jarvis (he does not know what Jarvis is, but for the sake of clarity...) on the hack was partially terminated (basically slowing Jarvis down on tracking the data), giving London more time to think. He then ran to his computer core and tapped in passwords on several keypads, and a small door swang open, giving London a good look inside. He swore again before pulling several tools and a datapad from his belt. Holding the datapad with two fingers, he attached several wires to its ports before sliding in an adapter to one of the failsafe ports on the computer. Praying with all of his might, he attached the datapad to the computer, and his power went out. After about 13 seconds, the computer started to whir again, and London started his power generator. He slid behind the keyboard and started to set up barriers of code against Jarvis (again, clarity), knowing that whatever it was, it would come after his rig and track his location. He could only hope that his walls of ones and zeroes were enough.
  6. No, it’s fine. I wasn’t planning on being in there for long. I was actually gonna have my computer be shut down and forced out by Jarvis anyway! Thanks!
  7. Open Mavel Cinematic Universe Rp

    @Buck Testa London’s jaw dropped. He had just seen his idol, Tony Stark, announce himself as Iron Man. Hurriedly he slid open a glass case and removed several objects along with some food. Crunching on potato chips, he watched Mr. Stark walk off of the platform and the crowd erupt with sound. He was in his dad’s old workshop, or his now. Scrap metal, computer chips, bits and pieces of guns and machinery, bullets, magazines, and even an open crate filled with haphazardly-stacked grenades littered the room’s floor and many tables. All of this was dwarfed by a massive black computer core, six and a half feet by six feet by four feet, and a huge display along with no less than eleven other monitors, keyboards, and computer mice sitting in the center of the room. London pushed away from his television and rolled on a wheeled desk chair. He slid over to his computer, and began to type. His fingers danced across the keyboard as he tapped into Stark Tower’s security cameras. He watched Tony Stark leave the press conference room and enter a sort of workshop, where he pressed a few buttons and his suit appeared. London was taken away by the very sight of it, every inch of it pure genius and craftsmanship.
  8. Once question: do you want me (and all other participants) to post a full, updated loadout, or does everypony pretty much know?
  9. Jeez, you’re good at this! Also you seem to be very involved! So, added a bit to his backstory, here it is: London did not inherit his parent’s money; it was actually taken during a legal snaffoo where A.I.M. took the money, claiming right to the funds through the patent of his mother’s invention. The invention was constructed only once; when the CEO (what should I call him?) had his technicians build it. Subsequently it was stolen and reverse-engineered by London, who now uses it. The invention itself is a white box-like object. It folds out into “force armor” which is a visible shimmering clear white layer that coats the body of the user. It is a type of light, so it is not liquid. It deflects most lesser firearms and can even stand up to plasma cannon fire for a short time, but if hit enough, it will eventually de-materialize, going back into the cube, which must be recharged using concentrated plutonium, which can cause radiation poisoning if not performed properly. Its [the device] intent was to be used for war. London also dealt with bullying though grades 8-12 until he got a job and borrowed money to go to “a mildly prestigious college” according to him. He constructed homemade weapons to take his anger out on something; while mostly a peaceful person, he also needed to let out his anger, which is what sparked his affinity with weapons nowadays.
  10. Sounds great with the non-firing-but-demoting idea. I like it better. A.I.M. sounds good. I like the acronym. AIM. Forgot all about his childhood actions. First of all, he was a pretty smart kid. Ya know, the stereotype of a “nerd” except that he was also cool because his parents were wealthy and working for a powerful company. He attended a private school until his parents’ smaller salary forced him to go to a public school, which he hated. He was never really mean though. When he was twelve, he blasted himself backward into a tree, earning a concussion, after he built a mini RPG using household supplies, including hairspray and other chemicals and part of an old pipe. He contemplated killing the CEO of AIM for a while, but then decided against it.
  11. He also loved his mom more than his dad, and his dad was sorta dumb, and his dad was also in an almost vegetative state from brain damage. Fortunately he died before London decided to pull the plug.
  12. Yeah. London is pretty @#$&ed up. But he is still a nice guy. By the way, good to see you, Smoke. Glad you can still join.
  13. Oh, yeah! Alright. Basically, he had a pretty average childhood. His father and mother both worked for a larger company, until the company’s CEO stole one of his mother’s genius ideas and then fired his parents. Both of his parents were forced to work in mines until a cave-in killed his mother and injured his father. London worked his @$$ off keeping money coming into the house, so that his father could pay for the medical bills. His heart subsequently failed and he died. London then got a job at the very same company where his parents worked.
  14. Right, then. Here’s London. *Real Name: (as in the character’s real name? Or as in my real name, I’d assume not?) London “Delta” Cirrus*Pronunciation(s): (explain?)Nickname(s): Delta, Whiz, Gazer*Occupation: Programmer, techhead, and weapons designer at a major corporationStatus: N/A*Gender: MaleSign: N/ABirthday: N/A*Age: 24Relatives: None (deceased)*Appearance: London is a short, well-built man. His hair is blonde, and he wears it in an upwards quiff. *Body: Short, well-built man. Outfits: A lab coat or a suit or trenchcoat. Inside of his lab coat, he has a graphing calculator and pens and several notepads.*Height: 5’6”*Weight: 128*Personality:- Positive Traits - He is happy to contribute to a cause, and he gets along with some people. Generally, he is vocal about his opinions. - Negative Traits - He often corrects people when they are wrong, whether appropriate or not. He also acts like a know-it-all, even if he is right. *Likes: People who can understand him, cats, B-19847-REX4 plasma launchers*Dislikes: Dumb people, jerks, other smart people who compete with himFears: IsolationQuirks: He often taps his foot or whistles. Turn Ons: N/ATurn Offs: N/AHistory: N/AQuotes: “If humanity could move past the simple past-times of life, and instead look at the larger scheme, they would not be so hasty as to assume that the masses are correct.” Extra: He is proficient with piloting, weaponry, and can also hack well. He wears glasses that give him a display in his vision, giving him all sorts of tactical information about people and things. Weapons: Primary Weapon: Protobeam Rifle (self-designed) Protobeams shoot at a rate of 150/second, and they cause deterioration of materials and organic matter. They hurt like the dickens, too. Secondary: Terminus Electrode pistol (self-designed) This pistol launches actual orbs of concentrated electricity, and the orbs can be charged for higher damage. Equipment: 1x Enigma Mk. 4 Codebreaker (handheld hacking tool, self-designed) This codebreaker can, with the right user, tap into virtually any computer system. However, this can take time 1x Scan Headset (self-designed) This headset, which looks like a pair of glasses, can identify almost anything. It can give information on people, access the Internet, and access weapons to fire remotely. 1x Comms Unit (internally wired into glasses) Just your average, everyday comms unit. 1x Batrachotoxin Synth V (suicide pill) Kills you within 5-10 seconds of ingesting. @Skylord Nexus Your character is not a so much of a techie/hacking main as an superpower main, right? I mean, he has skills, but his main thing is electricity? I don’t mean to encroach.