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  1. Shuga! Where you been?!!? Been wanting to talk to you! What, got you on Steam, I think.

      Wanted to ask if you're still the Yugioh expert to get ahold of. Got me a buncha Beast cards I been meaning to work together & I'd like your stance on things!

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    2. SugarCoatxMarblePie


      Well alot of cards have abuseability, if you are playing for casual that's alright I guess but modern decks have like first turn kills or one turn kills or unbreakable boards etc, depends on your goal with the deck itself. Be sure to utilize the extra deck for cooler combos n stuff tho. And the ban list isn't too important if you play casually, I think interesting combos are funner.

    3. Widdershins


      OTK is all fine & dandy, but I feel Yugioh has a good grasp on that. There's alot that banishes extra decks, spot removes or just plain "kill one thing on the field" like Kalantosa here. Like Ghostricks don't care how strong your creatures are, if you won't ever get to attack when you're playing hide & seek with me! Like I say, alot would be so much easier done with in the anime if they followed the actual cards.

       Protagonist: "I summon up a fourth niche bonus card that upgrades my Utopia Hero, negates your creatures effect & I swing in for a shining, heroic victory!"

       You: "Dark Hole."

       Protagonist: "...but I-"

       You: "Dark Hole'd. Do it over again."

       There's alot more balance in something like Yugioh or MTG, there's no seemingly set best deck. Newer stuff isn't so completely flawless as to where anything older cannot even get a chance to set up or breathe first. You can actually play with what you want to with, rather than just copy the best premade decks like so many other things these days do. Like Hearthstone.

    4. SugarCoatxMarblePie



      Yugioh. Balanced. Ha.

      The most recent format has a first turn kill. The opponent can activate handtraps to destroy or negate some cards, but only uses it once problem cards come out. So when someone gets out the recent eldritch abomination combo, it prevents the opponent from activating effects for the rest of the turn.

      And on your first turn combined with a one turn kill burn deck, turns it into a nigh unstoppable first turn kill. Literally you cannot do anything if they go first you just lose.

      And to even compete you need like 3-9 hand traps. 15 extra deck cards of which like 7 are staples.

      Your deck will cost like $500-$3,000 if you want to top a regionals.

      But as a casual for fun go for a beast deck why not. Check out those 'Rescue' cards and any beast type Link monsters though. Depends how far you wanna go with it.

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