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  1. Your immune system is already equipped and ready to find, identify and destroy the COVID-19. Your immune system is far more intelligent, far more concerned for you, and far more powerful than anything a doctor or government can do.

    Once the virus enters your body and starts invading tissue, your cells set off alarms. Multiple immune cell types infiltrate the tissue from the blood stream in response and set up 'camps' where they corral more immune cells into the tissue with them (we experience this as inflammation). Helpers find cells infected with the virus and wear the protein receptors that infected cells wear when they are being damaged by the virus to reproduce its RNA. The receptors are copied by other immune cells, then more alarms are signaled throughout the body to produce immune cells specifically designed to create receptors to bind to the foreign proteins. Killer immune cells then wear the receptors, find the infected cells and inject a poison to kill the cell and the viruses within it. Macrophages then eat up the dead cells and viruses, so that the body can flush it all out in the form of puss or mucous. Eventually, immune cells can learn how to bind directly to the virus. Every virus has a different 'pattern', as determined by its RNA. By creating anti-bodies, these peptides are manufactured and spread throughout the body. If any virus comes in contact with the structures, the antibodies bind directly to the virus, preventing it from being able to enter any cell walls. When this happens, the virus is completely doomed, and becomes an easy task for macrophages to find, consume and destroy.

    This is only a very basic explanation of what it does. The immune system actually has many different kinds of ways to search and destroy invaders. It's greatest power is to adapt and try multitudes of ways to destroy foreign invaders, and once it works, it learns and remembers.

    Therefore, the whole experience of getting sick is the immune system working to learn how to destroy a new kind of invader. The body goes into cleaning mode to keep waste materials flowing out (coughing, sneezing, sweating, etc), it diverts most of its resources to the immune system where million and millions of new cells need to be made every hour (aching, weakness, loss of appetite), it may induce fever which is good for your immune system and very bad for bacteria and virus (your immune system can out reproduce them easily under a fever), and when you recover, you're cleaner, stronger, and immune to the invader. However, the most important lesson is that your immune system has learned more recent mutations and adaptations that viruses are evolving into. Take careful note of this...if you never get sick, your immune system wouldn't have learned enough 'lessons' to keep up with new viruses.

    It is absolutely essential that our immune systems adapt with viruses and bacteria, or they will adapt far enough to compromise most people. I'll let you decide what that means for you.

    Your immune system cares for you deeply. Care for it in return, and you will survive any infection.

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    2. Kujamih


      @Nsxile mortality rate of dengue is what?20%? If you left it untreated itll kill you and i had 3 cases already of dengue... So 3 more to go then im immune to all strands of dengue! Yey achievment! Ive already gotten the deadly strands so the rest is easy as pie.

    3. Mirage


      @Nsxile An overwhelming amount of people that are infected, in fact, recover. Better than 80%, without hospitalization. That means precisely that what I stated is true. Your immune system, unhindered, can destroy it. People die for various reasons, but almost always because their immune systems are not functioning properly, or are prevented from functioning properly. There isn't anything other than your immune system that can defeat this infection. Your body must somehow defeat it. Therapies can only aid in your survival by mitigating symptoms, such as reducing inflammation if it gets dangerous. But easing or removing symptoms won't save you if your immune system can't defeat it. You will still die. That is why I am encouraging wellness and sharing the science of the immune system. It's our best chance of surviving this, period. I am not downplaying this in the slightest. We cannot be too dependent on doctors and government, they cannot control this spread. It's going to spread worldwide for a long time. If people are prepared, and taking care of themselves and know how to care for their family, they will put less stress on the medical system. This is what we need...more education, more awareness, more strength to help our loved ones and neighbors. This could get very, very bad. But this is no cause for panic or fear. We each have the power to overcome this, for ourselves and others. It's a battle for all of us to fight, not just the doctors.

      I believe in you, all of you. I have faith that if people know and act with love, we will come out okay.

      Some will die. But that is part of life. We should not forget this is a force if nature. Nature gives and takes. And if I am selected to die from this, then it shall be. But I'm not going without a fight.

    4. Kujamih


      Fight fight fight fight!

      I think this is how you should really use this words,. Not to make other people fight XD