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  1. @Phosphor HRK! CAN'T BREATHE...
  2. Bioware: "Yeah a lot of us are still skeptical about our company's future after Anthem, even after the all-hands morale-booster pow-wow we had...."

    Literally every gamer:


  3. Of course they do, but accidents can always happen. People are trying, apparently, but there's also people trying to fight it and get the word out that something like that is a hoax.

  5. Hmmmm.....gotta go back a bit for this one. Also probably the only *good* day I can remember, cuz all the others that *were* good became bad/associated with bad as time went on. Also gonna be kind of a longish post cuz it requires a wee bit of backstory and the story itself is on the longer side...I'll try to make it as concise as possible Anyway, so growing up, dad was floor manager at a machine shop that made jet engine parts, and so was always bringing home posters and calendars of fighter jets from promo material from work, as well as toy models from business trips. On top of that, he took me to see Star Wars ANH when it re released in theaters in the early 90s (which incidentally was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, and I was 6), and also showed me Top Gun around the same time. Soooooooo between the dogfight scenes in SW, a movie literally about dogfighting, and constantly being exposed to jet fighter paraphernalia, I was pretty instantly hooked on flying, and wanted to be a fighter pilot. When I got into gaming a short time later, flight sims were one of my mainstays. Unfortunately, I also found out fairly early on that because without corrective lenses of some kind, I'm near the 20/200 limit for being legally blind, the military would never take me...nor would any civilian flight operation. Dreams smashed. So my only way to engage with this passion was through the flight sims, and I played all kinds to death-realistic, arcade style, sci fi, you name it. Well, when I was 19, dad said he was gonna take us to LA on one of his business trips as our summer vacation. While we were out there, we found-completely by chance-this place where a bunch of ex USAF and USMC pilots had pooled money, bought a warehouse, filled it with a bunch of full cockpit style military surplus simulators, with a little lobby area. You pay the not-exactly-cheap fee, they sit you down with everyone else who's there, give you a little briefing on how to fly and work the controls, explain what you'll be doing, then put you all in your cockpits. Then they run everyone individually through every takeoff and landing scenario there is-day and night, land and sea, fair weather and foul-and when everyone's done that, they throw you all in a free for all dogfight with each other over virtual San Diego. Now as I said, I played realistic flight sims at home, and I played them...well, realistically. I knew how to fly already, basically, and I was good at it. So I basically napped through the briefing. Aced all the takeoff and landing scenarios once I got in the cockpit, and then came out of the dogfight with 8 kills, no deaths (they did respawn you if you died, so the no deaths thing is actually relevant)...which IRL would have made me instantly qualify as an 'ace', since that status is granted after 5 kills; and 3 of those kills were with guns, rather than missiles; and in modern dogfighting, gun kills are nearly unheard of. I climb out of the cockpit, and some of the owners pull me aside to talk to me, start asking where I learned to fly. "Video games" I deadpan, and tell them I've been playing simulators at home since I was 6 or 7. They look at each other and ask if I ever thought about joining the service. "Only every day of my life" I say. They ask how old I am, and I tell them I'm 19. They ask why the hell I'm not in basic training then, and since I was wearing my contacts instead of my glasses that day, i just point to my eyes and say the military would never take me, I'm near legally blind without lenses. They just kind of look at each other and say "Well that's a damn shame, kid. You are without doubt one of the best civvies to come through here, and the ONLY one who did that well and slept through the briefing. Honestly we were kind of laughing at you among ourselves, 'look at this kid, thinks they're hot shit, can't wait to see them get wrecked'. Damn if you didn't prove us wrong.' So yeah, having my skills be validated by the literal pro's and being told that if it weren't for my eyes I would have actually made a good pilot, and was really good at something I was super passionate about, was pretty awesome. As an aside, now you all also know why Barnstormer is my OC
  6. I'm calling it now, this is gonna be an even bigger hot mess than TLJ. There is just....SO much wrong with this trailer. It's like Fuckboi Abrams got so high off his own "mystery box" bullshit he took all the criticism about this aspect of his style and took it to mean he should crank up the knob so far that it broke off. The title gives me no confidence either, for a variety of reasons. It's not. McDiarmid walked out on stage at the con at the end of the screening and told them to play the trailer again in character, so its confirmed Palpy is making a comeback somehow. Which is all kinds of WTF. I love McDiarmid and Palpy, but seriously...what the actual *fuck*?? (Also if you seriously thought that was anyone BUT Palpatine need to turn in your credentials as a SW fan.)
  7. lonely....


  8. Just started watching Drifters, and The Ancient Magus Bride. Drifters is definitely holding my interest more at the moment though, TAMB starts off very slowly it seems...also I'm predisposed to like Drifters more since it's by the same guy who did Hellsing, which is near the top of my all time faves list.
  9. Why do I read the comments sections of things....?


  10. *sees you following me*

    *eyes you curiously and pokes you cautiously a few times, like a cat* 

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  11. I was speaking in a more broad, general sense. Eg., EA demanding success no matter the cost, demanding every ounce of productivity out of workers till they're bled dry, not learning from backlash, you know, just generally EA being EA. My point was that's going to affect the way Bioware leadership approaches things, cuz that sort of thing trickles down. So no, EA isn't directly responsible for the failure, but they had a hand in it. Hell Anthem wouldn't even be what it is/exist if EA didn't dictate 'we want you to make us something that will be a recurrent source of monetization....HEY DESTINY IS POPULAR WHERE'S YOUR VERSION OF THAT BIOWARE???" You even said it yourself in your first response, it's not about passion any more, it's about money-Bioware wouldn't be having a majority of these issues if it weren't for EA owning them in the first place.
  12. Cuz it was a working title and I forgot to fix it when I clicked 'Post' Fixed. As to the rest...I'd agree that Bioware execs and leadership hold a lot of the blame this time....but EA isn't completely blameless either. Their policies and pressure and just overall attitude about how they want a game developed likely influenced a lot of what the Bioware leadership did. Either way...yeah it's just an absolute mess. And the fact they said they're gonna use Anthem's codebase to build DA4 makes me even more worried than I was for that game, which was a lot to begin with cuz unlike Anthem I'm actually invested in that franchise. I know it's a pipe dream, but I feel like all these disillusioned and unhappy developers across the industry should just pack up their stuff and leave whatever company they're at, hook up, make a new gaming company, and just start making stuff they're enthusiastic about-it's not even *entirely* outside the realm of possibility, given things like Kickstarter. I feel like if they made a page saying 'Hey, we're a bunch of devs from X, Y, and Z companies who HATED what they were doing, and here's what we wanna make', they'd get funded in no time. It's happened before on a smaller scale, so.... This whole situation also actually reminds me a bit of the industrial revolution era, in the sense that the industry is relatively new, and regulations haven't kept up to keep exec's greed in check.
  13. Me: "And now for our next story: the sky has been determined to be blue, surprising no one."
  14. Dragon Ball Super is the canon continuation of the story after DBZ. DB Heroes is a non canon spinoff based on/involving some characters/events in the Xenoverse games and the DB Heroes card game, and is basically a way for them to pit characters against each other that didn't or would never meet in canon, in a 'who would win' scenario.