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  1. Barnstormer

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    They'd probably like One Punch Man as well.
  2. Found this while looking for things to satisfy my dogfighting needs while I wait to be able to play AC7. 3 flyable planes, 3 demo missions so far, and I gotta say, this looks damn good for how early it is in it's crowdfunding lifespan. Graphics are nice, sound design is really good, and the flight physics are some of the best I've seen (keeping in mind this is arcade style, not a full simulation like, say, DCS.) One of my favorite touches is how they actually have missiles drop away from your plane before igniting their engines, I've seen very few arcade style flight sims remember to have that incorporated. On that note, what have some of your favorite arcade style flight sims been? Modern or WWII based, doesn't matter. I'm personally fond of the HAWX games, while they're a bit less realistic even for an arcade game, I liked the ability they included to swap into a flight mode that lets your plane essentially Tokyo Drift for some sick acrobatics. Like I said, not the most realistic of things, but felt and looked cool as hell
  3. Barnstormer

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    I find that odd. If you like Hetalia, there's others you'd probably enjoy.
  4. Barnstormer

    Gaming What's your biggest criticism of RDR2?

    This is my first Rockstar game, so I can't speak as to RDR2's similarities with, say, GTAIV, but I will say this: the intricate animations do take some getting used to, but honestly, I've grown to like them. As UpIsNotJump says in the video I linked, it actually helps you get deeper into character. Sure, it does take up more time, but that's just something you have to come to accept, and it actually helps with the feel of the 'Old West' setting, meaning everything is a bit slower, more relaxed. I'm finding that my time with RDR2 has chilled me out more than any other game in recent memory, hunting and fishing and just exploring is a great way to just turn your brain off and veg. Granted, that's not for everyone, but then, this game probably isn't for that kind of player in the first place, that's the point XP.
  5. *Disclaimer: This thread is meant to be about the singleplayer mode, not Red Dead Online. So Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a bit now, and most of us have had a chance to complete at least one playthrough (or at least get a decent ways into the game). Now, don't get me wrong, it's a damn good game, and gorgeous as hell, but it's not this level of good: This would imply there's literally nothing wrong or worthy of critiquing in the game, which is objectively just not true. So my question is, as the title says: what, in your opinion, is the biggest thing worth critiquing, the biggest drawback, the biggest annoyance you have with RDR2? Personally, I think mine would be the bounty/wanted system. While yes, the story does try and steer you towards an honorable playthrough (or at least ending), you are, at the end of the day, an outlaw-a criminal. And they appropriately included robbery mechanics-why include them if they're not meant to be used? But the way the wanted system works, from response time of the law, to the law's omniscience, to the convoluted and ill-explained (both in game and by the devs themselves) mechanic to remain anonymous, to the poor AI when it comes to receiving a bounty for self defense or NPC stupidity (seriously, get those horses some turn signals ), this entire portion of the game just seems poorly implemented at best, flat out broken at worst. Especially when it comes to non-story train robberies. There's simply no way whatsoever to get in and get out before the law arrives, and they spawn whether a witness actually gets away or not, and spawn within seconds of you taking out the engineer. This is one of the most lucrative activities in terms of time-efficiency and payout (unless you google gold bar locations and hunt them down, but that feels like cheating); but with how it's working it's pointless because you get a bounty worth as much or more than the loot you snag from the train. Kind of takes the 'outlaw' out of actually being...well, an outlaw. And what's sad is Rockstar is likely not going to implement a fix for this, because it would require a drastic overhaul of a base/core system from the ground up. I'd say that's something that would/should detract from a perfect 100 review score, hm? I also agree with a lot of the points made in this vid-the good and the bad-and I'd be curious to hear people's thoughts on this as well (also linking this vid because I like sharing teh lulz ):
  6. Barnstormer

    Back again

    *sees user avatar is drawn by Hioshiru* I see you are a fan with good taste as well
  7. Barnstormer

    Ask Stormie

    Figured I may as well dip my hooves in here, could be fun, right? Ask away with anything and all that jazz
  8. Barnstormer

    Back again

    Hey, I'm Stormie. Just kinda went through the wringer recently and lost my closest (and kind of only real/true) friend...decided I'd come back and try and be more active here to make some new ones, cuz, y'know, it'd be nice not to feel so lonely. The important stuff is in the 'About me' part of the ol' profile, but in short: I'm a 31 y/o geek-of-all-trades, meaning if it's geeky, I'm probably into it, or some aspect of it (for example, I like anime in general, but I'm not into ALL anime...but I can still talk intelligently/appreciate conversation about shows I haven't watched because of general knowledge and tropes and stuff). Star Wars is big for me though, I can talk endlessly about it. Well, to be honest, I can talk endlessly about almost anything, but....yeah, Star Wars is one of the big 'uns. ....... I've been sitting here spacing out at the screen trying to think of what else to put, and can't think of anything, so I'ma just end the post here by saying poke me with a nice message if you think we'd click.
  9. Barnstormer

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    I actually just binged the My Hero Academia dub. I know I'm kinda late to the party on that one, but I just didn't know if it would be my thing, so I was letting it run a bit so I didn't have to wait for piecemeal releases. Turns out I love it lol. Also caught up on Black Butler by watching Book of Murder and Book of Atlantic, I've been finding That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime to be a nice little amusing jaunt where I can just shut my brain off, and The Magnificent Kotobuki has been filling my long neglected obsession for realistic aerial dogfights. Also went through Konosuba, which was another fun little 'shut my brain off' show.
  10. Barnstormer

    When you think of Outer Space

    Stuff like this: And this and this I'm basically the Space Core from Portal 2 XP
  11. Barnstormer

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Just call me Stormie for now Age: 31 Gender: Female-identifying Country: RI, USA Likes: Geekery in general; Anime, gaming, sci fi, fantasy, there's something I'm into in nearly all niches. But Star Wars is especially big with me. I also like intellectual-type stuff; I like watching science-y oriented stuff like Because! Science. Dislikes: Stupidity, hypocrisy, dishonesty, immaturity. Hobbies: Watching shows, gaming, watching youtubers (Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Game Grumps are 3 channels I watch every day without fail). Other Info: I ' to me and find out? :p Other than that, I'd kind of prefer to talk to people who are on the older side of things, say like 25 (roughly) and up. I mean I will talk to just about anyone, but as far as what I'm specifically looking for...closer to my own age is preferred.
  12. Barnstormer

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    Only Flim and Flam did. The regular ponies didn't catch it, which was my point.
  13. Barnstormer

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    Ok, I get this is a kid's show, but.... Ponies seriously can't see another pony with wings + horn and at LEAST think "HMMMM SOMETHING SEEMS OFF HERE"? >_< -_-
  14. Ok, so this is a dual (maybe triple? :P) purpose thread: First is to show off my OC's updated look/show progress after 2-3 years as well as get a critique on the finished work: Old version: New version: The second (or third) thing, was I need some advice on a WIP. I can't seem to get Luna's eyes not to look all herp-derp, was hoping for some advice on how to address that:
  15. Barnstormer

    S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    While the Changeling's new forms have grown on me a little....trying to imagine Chryssi becoming that is just....ick. Hope they keep her as is, idc if the throw her in Tartarus or she runs off again. Like YoshiAngemon said, a world where every villain is reformed is rather dull.