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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I think you'll like Fire Force then. While I don't find it annoying (most of the time, Black Star is an exception), I do recognize SE was more 'juvenile' with its humor. There's still a little bit of that in FF, but nowhere near as much. Overall the series seems directed a more adult audience.
  3. Well what about Soul Eater did you find annoying? Kinda hard to answer the question without knowing that first.
  4. It's a very good show. I love how Atsushi Ōkubo comes up with such unique worldspaces to set his stories in. Doesn't hurt that the animation and sound design are beautiful as well XP
  5. I mean, does Barnstormer need an explanation for this song? XP
  6. Fire Force 8. Done by the same peeps who did Soul Eater back in the day. Similar art style, but the animation is smoother, visuals are crisper, and the overall vibe/storyline is less childish in it's humor and direction. And the sound design is wonderful. Plus, who doesn't love a show focused on pyrokinetics fighting fire demons?
  7. I don't see her exploding in anger like this. She strikes me more as the "kill you with passive aggressive sarcasm" type.
  8. Was glad to see more unique, expressive, and funny facial expressions make a return in this episode. I feel like those have been kinda absent this season. As far as actual content, I didn't think I was gonna like this episode, since I tend not to enjoy the whole 'stereotypical teen/pre-teen dance/romance' shtick, but it was cute. Deadmau5 Spike gave me a giggle. Also can we talk about how adorable this face is?
  9. If you think the majority of women are getting abortions simply because they didn't use contraceptives, or if you think being on contraceptives negates all possibility of needing an abortion (because NEWS FLASH, contraceptives can and do fail) I want nothing to do with your ignorant, dipshit ass.

  10. Have some porn :P


    1. Phosphor


      That was awesome!  

      That reminds me, I haven't looked at any Sunspots in a while  :P 

  11. Do people just not fucking read posts/comments anymore?

    Posted like 3 different threads on 3 different sites and each one had between 1 and 4 replies that asked questions I'd already addressed in the OP or in replies to comments.


    1. Pet Meematary

      Pet Meematary

      Well...that meme relates to over half of the Internet world. :mlp_laugh:

    2. Barnstormer



      Well...that meme relates to over half of the Internet world. :mlp_laugh:

      I fixed it for you :P

    3. SolarFlare13


      that's what I thought :blink: O_O :confused: thank god I'm not the only one who noticed that...

  12. I know, right? I grew up with him too, and I love that he just took the gloves off. "We broke Bill Nye!" Yes, yes we did XD There's another clip or two of him earlier in the episode that aren't quite as in your face, but are still great, if you didn't see them/watch the whole thing already.