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  1. Hello everyone! I apologize that this is a little late. Work is a wonderful thing! This is to tlet everyone know that the contest has closed today at 2PM EST. Staff will determine the winners in the next few upcoming days and we will announce them once we have them on social media and on here. We ask that you pay close attention to this thread for when we make that announcement. The PR team thanks everyone that participated during this contest, and we hope to have more contests and activities like this later. Thanks, again for participating everyone!
  2. Hello everyone! Just like to remind you that the deadline for the contest will be closing down tomorrow at 2PM EST/EDT. If you have any submissions that you would like to turn in, or have already submitted something but have not completed it, please make sure that you submit the completed piece before the due date. all past participants do not have to resubmit, and everything else will remain the same. Good Luck!

    1. Heart Container

      Heart Container

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    2. stripper


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      I'm just being playful

  4. Greetings, everyone! I spoke with the rest of the PR team, and we came to the realization that there were not enough entries for the art contest. We also realized that some of the submissions were not completed due to the timeframe we had established for this contest, and it is unfair to judge unfinished art. therefore, we have all agreed to re-open submissions for this contest for two weeks, starting today. We want to give artists ample time to do their submission and complete any past entries as well. Therefore, the deadline is extended until November 16th until 2 PM EST/EDT. The previously stated guidelines apply. With that said, good luck to everyone, and I hope to see those who entered previously, but couldn’t finish the entry, to go ahead and finish them, so that they can be fairly judged.
  5. Hi everypony! We'd like to inform you that the time to submit your art for the art contest has now here been closed. Thank you for everyone that had participated, and we appreciate your great efforts! We will be taking the time to analyze each submission and we will have the list of winners up very soon! Again, thank you so much for participating, despite the short timeframe we had with this contest. We hope to be a bit more prepared for the future contests, but once again, thank you for participating and Good Luck to all participants!
  6. Don’t forget, submissions for the Nightmare Night art contest are due by 2PM EST. Submit them to

    Good Luck!

  7. Those who wanna participate in the Nightmare Night art contest, submissions must be turned in before October 31st before 2PM EST. You must submit them to

    Good Luck, everyone!

  8. Originally the contest was supposed to be this way first, but I was told that trying to involve the mascots would have been a slightly better idea. This is the first contest I organize for Poniverse, so i'm quite learning what works and what doesn't work. I apologize.
  9. Good Morning everypony! Just want to leave a message here to inform everyone that there is a new update for the contest and what you can submit. While the contest will remain Nightmare Night themed, you are free to draw your OCs or friend's OCs. It is not an obligation to draw the Poniverse mascots to participate. This decision was reached, as we felt as we were not allowing you guys to use your creativity, by limiting you all to only the mascots. Any previous submissions will continue to participate as normal, and all prizes will remain the same. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through DMs at any time! We apologize that this is a little late, but it is something we thought might work best for everyone. With that said, Good Luck!
  10. *Boops back intensly*
  11. Don't forget to check out our Nightmare Night Art Contest, in the throne room section, everyone!

  12. Hi there, Moony. I would say she is the size of Cadence. Hope this helps!
  13. I apologize it took this long everyone, but here is the long overdue References of each individual Mascots for each department of Poniverse, including Pixel Department Mascots Pixel Wavelength: Poniverse Mascot Buffy: MLP Forums Viola: Misty Nights, Sunshine Serenade (Official Mascots) Wordplay, Fair Dice (Comics Mentors): Canterlot Avenue Azura Peavielle: Ponyvile Live! Viridion Meadows: Nova Blast, Aurora Gleam, Gemini Star: PoniArcade Once again, don't forget to contact me if you have any questions! Each character is displayed in the order the names are listed. we want to wish everyone good luck with this contest, and don't forget, you can be as creative as you wish to be. Again, Good luck!
  14. To follow up, i will be posting the pictures/references of the mascots of PV soon
  15. yeah i'm about 80% correct that agnostic means that, but of course, i could be wrong, but some research doesn't hurt anyone. Though at this current moment i can't do it as i'm stuck on my phone that seems to be throwing a fit lol