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  1. Children of the Night is finally back on Delete Pony Videos. Is a real shame that DuoCartoonist channel is gone, forever... :( I really loved their animations, and they were part of my inspiration to study arts and 2D/3D Animation 

    1. Alpharius


      I didn't know their channel went down, do you know why?

  2. ea8c9900ef.png

    Goddamnit, the MLP x Transformers crossover is going to be released on my birthday :wub::wub::wub: I just hope they ship to Spain :(


    *Headbanding increasing*

  4. Well... I've had a lot of surgeries For example, when I was a child, I was born with strabismus, and it was really bad, so a specialist had to relocate my eyes. Now thankfully I don't have any strabismus. Also, back in 2009, there was a big tornado in my city where I live (here we don't have any tornados in Spain. They are so rare). I was next to my window, and suddenly my window felt over my face, and I had a very bad cut in my nose. They had to suture it. Now I have a mark there. Then, in 2016, I had again another surgery due to a cyst in my left hand while playing basketball, which returned over a few months after the surgery, and I still have it, yet is much smaller and less painful than before, though it still hurts sometimes. Sadly I can't play basketball anymore I have tried, but after a few minutes it starts to hurt like hell. Thankfully I still can drawing and playing the guitar, but much less often than before And recently I had a surgery due to a fistula, which I'm still recovering So... yeah, I haven't got a lot of luck with surgeries
  5. I'm playing some games right now: -Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Muramasa, in my PSVita. Great games with amazing OST. -Tales of The Abyss, in my PS2. Is a very good Action-RPG, yet the gameplay maybe feels a little bit rough. At least for me. But great story
  6. Almost 400gb of pone... (and not counting the Pony Music Archive)
  7. Transformers%2B-%2BFriendship%2Bin%2BDisguise.jpg

    I really need this new crossover :love:

    Btw... hi everyone ^^ Is been a while :lie:

  8. I really love Discord. He is by far my favourite villain in the series. I also like King Sombra, Tirek and Chrysalis. And about antagonist, my favourites are the Mean 6 and Trixie. And also Nightmare Rarity, though I'm not sure if consider it as a villain or as an antagonist. Maybe as a villain too
  9. Hi everypony!

    I hope you guys will get an excellent 2020! And I hope this fandom will last for much more years :yay:

    Happy 2020!

    1. EpicEnergy


      Hello! Happy New Year! :yay:

  10. "Hip-Hip Jorge!"

    Happy birthday! :yay:

  11.  I freaking love this reimagination of one of my favourite brony songs by one of my favourite brony musicians. I can't wait to get this album! :yay:

  12. This was by far the best possible way to end MLP. Still hoping to know more about the G5 and the S10 comics. Let's continue this ride everypony!
  13. I would like to ask where can I find the MLP comics? In Spain we don't have many of them, and I would like to start reading the comics

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    2. Pat Thundersnow

      Pat Thundersnow

      No problem. Glad you're interested in the comics, because IDW has some good stuff ongoing.

    3. jorge123esp


      Yup, specially the Season 10, which is going to be released on April 2020 

    4. Pat Thundersnow

      Pat Thundersnow

      Exactly, but they also have a new limited story one entitled Feats of Friendship that features the student 6.

  14. full.jpg


    Now Twilight has a 4th evolution :lie:

    1. Pat Thundersnow

      Pat Thundersnow

      Yup, Princess Twilight 2.0.

  15. Well... this ride has ended. I'm in tears now. I don't know how to review this episode, but... as I posted in my feed, I would like to say thanks to this forums, to Laurent Faust to create this Series, to Hasbro, and to everyone who worked in this wonderful series. This series inspired me to be an animator and an artist, and I will continue to this road. I will keep this inside. I will keep the good memories this Series gave to me. Now, we have to wait until G5 is revelaed. I hope is going to be as good as this gen. Broohoof everypony!