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  1. For anypony who hasn't noticed... by LetsEatHay

    I've never noticed about that :wacko:

  2. Is hard to choose a song, but I decided to pick Smile Song Let the Rainbow Remind You sounds pretty good as well.
  3. I've downloaded a free plugin which sounds pretty goddamn beautiful :wub:

    This is a simple test I've done with this free plugin. Maybe @Sparklefan1234 knows which song is :P


    1. Sparklefan1234


      That was great! Thank You for sharing, My Friend! :squee:

  4. jorge123esp

    Hug a user!

    *hugs* @The Recherche @Gabosor @Sparklefan1234 @Gone Airbourne @Bojo @Shadow Beam @Usager @Yu Ziyuan
  5. Hi everyone! 

    Maybe is a little bit late :mlp_lie: but...

    :derp:HAVE A NICE 2019 EVERYONE! :derp:

    I hope this year will be much better than 2018 :mlp_yeehaa: My main goal is keeping improving and getting better with drawing :squee:

  6. Ballerina doodle for my Design lessons (sorry, I've uploaded it a few minutes before but there was a huge mistake in her leg so I redraw it again :mlp_lie:)


    1. Yoouyu


      Looks pretty good

  7. My very first animation made with Krita:


    I've done it because of fun. Also, I'm freaking tired with Adobe Animate. Holy shit, I detest that goddamn program. Animating with that shit feels like forever. With Krita I feel much more comfortable than Adobe Animate, by far, and I feel like more natural. 

  8. A landscape I painted during my Design lessons. We are starting with digital painting, and, well, I think is "nice", but very very blurry :sunny:1366518392_paisajefinal2.thumb.jpg.e0b4efdcd69812a87e73c475daaa046f.jpg

    1. Usager


      It doesnt need to be focused :mlp_icwudt:

      Cool work

  9. Testing my new Nikon D5300 with some matryoshka dolls :-D


  10. Hi everyone! 

    I've been too busy during these month. Animation is really hard, and sometimes very frustrating :sunny: Also I have to shoot some textures, although I didn't have a decent camera, until now. :nom: Today I've bought my very first reflex camera ever. Is a Nikon D5300, and I'm so hyped to test it :wub: 

  11. Hi everyone! I was preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty bored during my design lessons a few days ago , so I decided to do this (silly) drawing. Done in 1h more or less, with some adjusts in Photoshop. I hope you'll like it
  12. Hi everyone This is a doodle I drew this afternoon as part of my drawing lessons at my animation studies. It took me like... 5-10 min, not very much. I hope you'll like this doodle
  13. Where/how can I find Doors 2? I tried to watch it on YouTube but it seems to be blocked :(.

    Alright, I managed to watch it with a free VPN :-D