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  1. "Hip-Hip Jorge!"

    Happy birthday! :yay:

  2.  I freaking love this reimagination of one of my favourite brony songs by one of my favourite brony musicians. I can't wait to get this album! :yay:

  3. This was by far the best possible way to end MLP. Still hoping to know more about the G5 and the S10 comics. Let's continue this ride everypony!
  4. I would like to ask where can I find the MLP comics? In Spain we don't have many of them, and I would like to start reading the comics

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    2. Fiendstorm


      No problem. Glad you're interested in the comics, because IDW has some good stuff ongoing.

    3. jorge123esp


      Yup, specially the Season 10, which is going to be released on April 2020 

    4. Fiendstorm


      Exactly, but they also have a new limited story one entitled Feats of Friendship that features the student 6.

  5. full.jpg


    Now Twilight has a 4th evolution :lie:

    1. Fiendstorm


      Yup, Princess Twilight 2.0.

  6. Well... this ride has ended. I'm in tears now. I don't know how to review this episode, but... as I posted in my feed, I would like to say thanks to this forums, to Laurent Faust to create this Series, to Hasbro, and to everyone who worked in this wonderful series. This series inspired me to be an animator and an artist, and I will continue to this road. I will keep this inside. I will keep the good memories this Series gave to me. Now, we have to wait until G5 is revelaed. I hope is going to be as good as this gen. Broohoof everypony!
  7. How... Officially... MLP FIM has ended... 

    I'm fully on tears right now. I can't express it with words. but... I would like to say thanks. 

    Thanks to everyone on this forums.

    Thanks to Laurent Faust, who created the show.

    Thanks to Hasbro to saying OK making this series.

    And thanks to all the crew who created this series. 


  8. 3 minutes for the end...

    The end of an era. 

    It's been a wonderful ride for all those years. But is still not the end of this ride 

    Resultado de imagen de mlp hug

  9. I liked the making of a lot, despite the spoilers :( 

    They should have released it after the series imo 

    1. Splashee


      Any link? I can't find it :pistachio:

    2. jorge123esp


      Sorry, I don't know where to find it to be honest :mlp_lie:

  10. I really liked this episode, specially the final part (the wedding). I was waiting for it so bad, and it finally happened. It was so emotional... Also I didn't expect to see the tree again. Overall it was a really funny and emotive episode. And the next week is the finale... I'm not prepared for it
  11. 7,5/10 Catchy song, yet is not the kind of music I usually listen to
  12. Thanks for helping me ^^ It's been a really long time not reading the comics. Maybe it will be a good time for it again
  13. Something like Avatar The Last Airbender?