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  1. This is so cute omg :wub:

  2. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) - Bullet For My Valentine
  3. Children of the Night is finally back on Delete Pony Videos. Is a real shame that DuoCartoonist channel is gone, forever... :( I really loved their animations, and they were part of my inspiration to study arts and 2D/3D Animation 

    1. Alpharius


      I didn't know their channel went down, do you know why?

    2. jorge123esp


      @Alpharius They closed their channel due to COPPA law. Is really sad how a lot of hardworking is gone for a stupid law like that :(

  4. ea8c9900ef.png

    Goddamnit, the MLP x Transformers crossover is going to be released on my birthday :wub::wub::wub: I just hope they ship to Spain :(


    *Headbanding increasing*

  6. Well... I've had a lot of surgeries For example, when I was a child, I was born with strabismus, and it was really bad, so a specialist had to relocate my eyes. Now thankfully I don't have any strabismus. Also, back in 2009, there was a big tornado in my city where I live (here we don't have any tornados in Spain. They are so rare). I was next to my window, and suddenly my window felt over my face, and I had a very bad cut in my nose. They had to suture it. Now I have a mark there. Then, in 2016, I had again another surgery due to a cyst in my left hand while playing basketball, which returned over a few months after the surgery, and I still have it, yet is much smaller and less painful than before, though it still hurts sometimes. Sadly I can't play basketball anymore I have tried, but after a few minutes it starts to hurt like hell. Thankfully I still can drawing and playing the guitar, but much less often than before And recently I had a surgery due to a fistula, which I'm still recovering So... yeah, I haven't got a lot of luck with surgeries
  7. I'm playing some games right now: -Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Muramasa, in my PSVita. Great games with amazing OST. -Tales of The Abyss, in my PS2. Is a very good Action-RPG, yet the gameplay maybe feels a little bit rough. At least for me. But great story
  8. Almost 400gb of pone... (and not counting the Pony Music Archive)
  9. Transformers%2B-%2BFriendship%2Bin%2BDisguise.jpg

    I really need this new crossover :love:

    Btw... hi everyone ^^ Is been a while :lie:

  10. I really love Discord. He is by far my favourite villain in the series. I also like King Sombra, Tirek and Chrysalis. And about antagonist, my favourites are the Mean 6 and Trixie. And also Nightmare Rarity, though I'm not sure if consider it as a villain or as an antagonist. Maybe as a villain too
  11. Hi everypony!

    I hope you guys will get an excellent 2020! And I hope this fandom will last for much more years :yay:

    Happy 2020!

    1. EpicEnergy


      Hello! Happy New Year! :yay:

  12. "Hip-Hip Jorge!"

    Happy birthday! :yay: