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  1. It seems Instagram has blocked my posts, so they don't show up on hashtags :umad:I don't know why or what happened

    Well, I may move to Tumblr for uploading my sketches, but I'm not sure what happened with my account :glimmer:

  2. 7a1b7f1611.jpg

    A fast sketch of Jessica Rabbit (from Who Framed Rogger Rabbit). I liked that movie. Also I have painted some shadows. 

  3. Rate song, then post another!

  4. A short track I recorded. It may not sounds great. Is just for practise dual guitar.

  5. Rate song, then post another!

    9,5/10 One of my favourite metal songs
  6. Testing with Krita :D Certainly I like this way more than Paint Tool Sai. I hope you'll like this sketches :yay: 


  7. Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Secret of Kells (9/10) Wonderful animation, with a lot of celtic influence. Very underrated. Highly recommend for everyone. Maybe some scenes are very dark. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song of the Sea (10/10) One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Beautiful animation, beautiful OST, everything is so touching and heart-warming... Too underrated, and I highly recommend it for everyone. From the same director as The Secret of Kells, with also a lot of celtic influence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (8,5/10) A really good tribute for the animation industry. Really well animated, with some of the most importat characters animated (like Bugs Bunny). Maybe with some adult content, but is still a really good film.
  8. Song of the Sea is probably one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The animation, the music, the story... everything is so heart-warming in this movie. Is pure art. Is a shame this film is so underrated. It deserves way more. 

  9. Rate song, then post another!

  10. Rate song, then post another!

    9,5/10 Dance With The Dead doing some metal stuff? I thought they only use to do Synthwave music. Is really epic.
  11. Post You're Spirit Animal

    Actually, I'm... A Butterfly Jeez, that was so unexpected
  12. MLP: Season 8 premieres March 24th!

    Oh yeah boy... I hope this season will be as good as the previous one (7th season). I really loved it, and is probably one of my favourite seasons
  13. 7cb494adaa.jpg


    1. Messy Mane

      Messy Mane

      And....I got another season left behind Lol

    2. jorge123esp


      I highly recommend it. Probably one of my favourite seasons

    3. LunarWave


      Already put aside some time and set reminders about it ^_^

  14. The Geography Game

    Galicia (Spain)
  15. I love the new Paramore's music video