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  1. Call me unobservant, but it took me this long to realize there is an activity page. :sealed:


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    2. TheTaZe


      @Tacodidra You weren't kidding. :wacko:


    3. CypherHoof the Reblanked

      CypherHoof the Reblanked

      Hi Unobservant, I am Cypherhoof :)

      worth exploring the rest of the tabs too, while the tab line has your attention  - there's a leaderboard, awards and teams tabs, too :)

    4. Yuu Xeno

      Yuu Xeno

      Seems normal to me. mainly because my notifications are...:scoots:

  2. TheTaZe

    Music Your Favorite Quotes From Songs

    [Verse 1] Many a sin I have witnessed And in many indeed I have been Many a rat I've befriended And so many a thorn stood between But of all the demons I've known None could compare to you [Pre-Chorus] Every day that you feed me with hate I grow stronger! Every day that you feed me with hate I grow stronger! -Ghost - See the Light
  3. Care 2 watch something together? Got discord?

    1. TheTaZe


      Can't, I am work

    2. Bas


      In general.

    3. TheTaZe


      Maybe at a later date

  4. TheTaZe

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Of course. Many times now!
  5. Then there is me doing the teacup all the time.
  6. Almost forgot to say good morning. Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a good day today.

    Here is a song that you guys may like. It's gameboy chiptune. :fluttershy:


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    2. RareGems
    3. Tacodidra


      Good morning! :D

      And congratulations on winning yet another day! You're good at this! :yay:

    4. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      Good morning! I hope your day goes well too. :)

  7. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Doing quite well, just trying to get up from sleep and the such!
  8. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Have a goodnight. See ya later!
  9. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Then there is me over here, the one with a little bit of sanity left
  10. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Ew... Math. I never liked math ever.
  11. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Maybe I'm just weird. Then again, I listen to this kind of music so I might be.
  12. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    I guess I find school fun and interesting...?
  13. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    Right... I almost forgot about that. I'm going to school during the summer so I never really considered it a holiday.
  14. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    The holidays? What holidays are going on right now?
  15. TheTaZe

    The WPCC Lounge

    It really is. I still think the second game is my favorite of all of them though. Haha yep