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  1. I guess my days of being super active on here are over. I just do not have the time anymore to spend on here and when I do I find myself doing something else. Sad reality of life to be fair. :sealed:

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    2. TheTaZe


      @Phosphor270 That is true. It also is just a lack of motivation to come here for some reason.

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I’m sorry to hear that but that’s life. Are you leaving? Hopefully you will stop by when you can. Are you going to resign from your staff position? :(

    4. CloudMistDragon


      How truly unfortunate. I understand, as I used to be terribly unmotivated to come on here at one point. Just last year, I was literally only coming on to post my opinions on the new MLP episodes. Now, however, I like to at least come on every day. I hope you find your drive again like I did. :rarity:

  2. TheTaZe

    Last thing you posted on social media

    I don't use social media unless you count forums as social media...
  3. TheTaZe

    Applejack and other fruits

    How is it bad, lazy writing? It's a running gag through out the series. It's a pretty funny joke too when you think about it
  4. TheTaZe

    How pretty would you say Rarity is?

    I guess I would say either a 6 or 7/10. I would say she is my 4th favorite mane character while first being Rainbow Dash, second being Fluttershy, and third being Twilight Sparkle!
  5. TheTaZe

    Saddle Arabia vs Cloudsdale

    It's Rainbow Dash obviously. It's the better team in my opinion.
  6. TheTaZe

    Would you attend a pinkie pie party

    I merged it with this thread... That's where it went.
  7. TheTaZe

    General How to watch mlp?

    Yeah, let's not. Linking directly to pirated content is not allowed. Let moderators handle this please. Please do not backseat moderate
  8. TheTaZe

    Would you attend a pinkie pie party

    Merged thread with same name
  9. where does it say that Celestia and Luna are artificial alicorns? Did you just pull this out of nowhere.
  10. Good morning everyone, how is everyone this fine morning? I wanted to say that you should all vote for Cloudsdale today because it's Rainbow Dash's team. GO CLOUDSDALE! :ph3ar:



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    2. Tacodidra


      Scootaloo would probably vote for Rainbow Dash too, to be honest! :sneer: That match with Crystal Empire and Somnambula, though – I really had to think who to vote for! :P

      I hope that presentation goes well! :kindness: My day has been alright so far, though I'm a little tired – I again took a nap and then couldn't fall asleep again. And I'll probably take another nap soon! :laugh:

    3. Rainbow heart 55

      Rainbow heart 55

      @Tacodidra I agree it is kind of sad that Rainbow dash has to go against scootaloo but I voted for rainbow dash because she’s awesome.

    4. TheTaZe


      @Tacodidra I could go for a nap right now but I don't think that is happening anytime soon. :derp:

  11. TheTaZe

    How much of a "weirdo" were you when you first joined?

    Not really "that" much of a weirdo to be honest. I was just not interested in this place at all for a time.
  12. Almost forgot to say goodnight before I pass out. Goodnight.


  13. TheTaZe

    How are you feeling

    Feeling tired and just stressed
  14. TheTaZe

    General Do girls fart?

    Hey @Feather Data Not only is this topic idea incredibly strange and quite frankly insensitive this also is a topic that produces little to none discussion. Yes, Girls do fart, all humans fart. I know you have a fascination in certain topics like this but please keep it out of the forums.
  15. TheTaZe

    College brony

    I mean, you do what you want. Of course you are going to get weird looks because that isn't exactly a "normal" thing to do but you do you.