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  1. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on the forums lately but there’s been a couple of things happening. Namely, my computer wonking out and not being able to work, although I think switching out a new hard drive with the old one might fix the issue. The other thing that recently happened it’s me getting my wisdom teeth and a couple of other teeth out. My jaw is not swollen due to taking medicine earlier but I’m gonna have to eat soft foods for a while. On the bright side of those soft foods are going to be Jell-O, pudding, ice cream, Fridays, and cream of wheat. ( The Friday saying it’s supposed to be frosty’s but since it’s a hilarious result of Speech to text, I’m leaving it in. I’ll be better in a few days and will hopefully figure everything out. 


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    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Let’s hope that @Totally Lyra doesn’t get upset that Fridays are one of those soft foods I’m going to be eating. :orly:

    3. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      Take it easy there! 

    4. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      With a bottle of water or two, MLP movies, and a nice warm bed, I think it’ll be pretty easy to relax.