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  1. Finally got around to adding season 8 and the new specials. Also changed the placement of the following episodes, reasons can be found under the entries in question: Princess Spike, Applejack's "Day" Off, The Times They Are A Changeling, Dungeons & Discords, Viva Las Pegasus, Stranger Than Fan Fiction and Daring Done?
  2. I really enjoyed this episode - this was a clever way of indirectly tackling divorce, which is probably a bit too mature a topic for this kind of show. It's great to see the movie locations being integrated into the show, although it's a pity we didn't get to see Sky Star or Novo (even a non-speaking cameo would have been nice). Some of you were wondering which one of the parents is related to Queen Novo. Jim Miller did a Q&A on twitter after the premiere and according to him, Queen Novo is Oceanflow's sister:
  3. Yeah, it's hard to say for sure how much time has passed. I'd say it's largely up to personal preference, since most references to the passage of time are vague enough to allow for several different interpretations. I prefer having time pass as slowly as possible to make the lack of visible aging (most notably for the Cake twins) less jarring.
  4. Updated with Forgotten Friendship and placed Movie Magic and Mirror Magic a bit earlier.
  5. @MegaSean45 I haven't watched the leaks so I didn't know about the throne room, but that's really cool that the design change from the movie will make it into the show! I will probably have to place Movie Magic and Mirror Magic a bit earlier then (unless the girls like going to the beach in the middle of winter). @WiiGuy2014 Of course you're free to follow whichever chronology you want. Sorry if I came across like thinking mine was the 'correct' version, and thank you for your feedback!
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to follow this thread. Really well though-out timeline! I might want to try my hand at figuring out the exact dates in the future, but chances are it wouldn't be possible to fit all the episodes in, since making sure the timeline makes sense has never really been a priority for the writers. Thank you! Be sure to tell me if you come across any continuity errors in my chronology.
  7. I like your pre-show theories. I also prefer to think that Applejack's parents died before she left for Manehattan, even though the show seems to suggest otherwise since Apple Bloom wasn't around in Where the Apple Lies. To me, it just seems so weird that her parents wouldn't come see her off if they were still alive in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, not to mention the death of her parents would be the perfect catalyst for AJ to move to Manehattan. I like to think Apple Bloom was in kindergarten or being taken care of by a relative in Where the Apple Lies, explaining her absence. I also like your headcanon on how Rarity and Fluttershy met. I personally see Putting Your Hoof Down happening a bit later, since it seems kind of weird that Fluttershy would be acting so shy at the start of the series after the lesson learned in this episode, but I can also see how the events of this episode would make her scared of becoming a monster again, making her extra non-confrontational. I think this episode's placement can go both ways. That's a good observation about Bridle Gossip and Twilight's magic prowess! I was a lot more strict with the weekly friendship lessons, since I figured a lesson would count as meeting the next week's deadline if Twilight learned more than one lesson a week, although there is, of course, nothing that suggests this is the case.
  8. Years of writing academic essays will do that to you... I didn't include the shorts since they are fairly self-contained and can be placed pretty much anywhere as long as all the elements that appear in them have been introduced beforehand, but here are the requirements I noticed: Rainbow Rocks: Guitar Centered, Hamstocalypse Now, Pinkie on the One, Player Piano and A Case for the Bass take place before the film since they show how the Rainbooms got their instruments. Music to My Ears and Life is a Runway don't have any particular requirements, but they are listed as prequel short and encore short, respectively. My Past is Not Today takes place after the film, since Sunset is now ready to move on from her past mistakes. Shake Your Tail!, Perfect Day for Fun and Friendship Through the Ages seem to be only semi-canon since the first two seem a bit too light-hearted to take place during the film as Twilight was focused on creating a counter-spell during her whole stay, and she seemed to leave the human world pretty soon after the Battle of the Bands. The best placement would probably be during the time skip after the night of the Battle of the Bands to (presumably) the next day when she returns to Equestria. Friendship Games: Photo Finished doesn't have any requirements, since none of the mane characters appear, so we don't really get any clues as to when it takes place in relation to the films. The Science of Magic can take place at any point between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, since the games aren't mentioned in this short. Pinkie Spy, All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games and A Banner Day all serve as buildup to the Frienship Games, so I would place them a couple of weeks or days before the film. Summertime Shorts: Most of these shorts are very flexible in where they can be placed. The Equestria Girls Youtube series might give us some more precise references as to when they take place. Make Up Shake Up, A Photo Booth Story and Raise This Roof take place before and during the Fall Formal, so I'd view them as deleted scenes from the first film. Steps of Pep and Shake Things Up! don't seem to have any particular requirements, since neither Twilight nor Sunset appear in them, and without them it's hard to guess when in the series a short takes place. The Art of Friendship probably comes after Rainbow Rocks since Sunset seems really close with the humane five (or at least Pinkie Pie) by now. Epic Fails, Leaping Off the Page, Subs Rock and Pet Project have to come after Friendship Games since Sci-Twi goes to Canterlot High. Mad Twience has to come after Legend of Everfree, since Sci-Twi has a photo of Timber Spruce. In Good Vibes, Coinky-Dink World, Get the Show on the Road and Monday Blues, the girls are wearing their geodes, so these shorts should come after Movie Magic which is the episode in which they decided to start wearing them all the time. The Canterlot Movie Club has to come after Mirror Magic, since the CMC are going to watch the Daring Do film that premiered in that episode.
  9. TL;DR version: When I have the time, I like to rewatch the whole series before the new season premieres, which is what I did during the hiatus leading up to season seven. I've been wanting to try arranging the episodes in chronological order for a while now, since I often find myself enjoying a series more if I feel like I’m watching it in the same order as the characters experience it, as it adds more context to the episodes. So during my latest rewatch, I made notes whenever I encountered tidbits that could have an effect on the episode's chronological placement, and arranged the episodes according to these notes as season seven was being released. I figured the end of season seven would be as good a time as any to release my timeline. It would be much appreciated if you could give me feedback on my order and point out details I might have missed. It’s probably impossible to create a definitive timeline but I believe we might be able to at least get close. Now, I am of the belief that the first three seasons take place over the course of a single year. It’s never outright stated that exactly one year has passed, but Celestia’s words at the end of Princess Twilight Sparkle make it sound like it’s the first Summer Sun Celebration since Luna’s return. ”Citizens of Equestria, it is no longer with a heavy heart but with great joy that I raise the summer sun. For this celebration now represents not the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but the return of my sister, Princess Luna.” – Princess Celestia, S4E2 So, the first course of action was to fit the first three seasons’ episodes into a one-year timespan. Although there is no evidence that would suggest an Equestrian year is the same length as an Earth year I’m going to be using real-life dates for the sake of simplicity. My interpretation is as follows: Equestria Girls is followed by Princess Twilight Sparkle, which marks the one-year anniversary of Twilight moving to Ponyville. I don’t believe there is any season-mixing necessary for season four, so I am going to rearrange the episodes within the boundary of their own season. My timeline is as follows: And that concludes season four. I’m not getting any other seasons mixed up in season five either, I’m just rearranging the episodes as follows: For seasons six and seven and the Equestria Girls specials, there will be some mixing, so I’m going to list them together: Season 8 doesn't require any mixing as of yet, so I'm just rearranging the episodes as follows: ...And here's the super short WIP of season 9, why not: Kudos to you if you read all that! Feel free to ask if you want me to clarify things further. Feedback would be much appreciated!
  10. I've actually been working on a timeline for a while and I'm planning on releasing it after Shadow Play airs in the US, so this weekend, I believe? However, my timeline includes every episode and some of them are placed before the premieres, so it may not be quite what you're looking for.