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  1. Ooh, I'll have to try that, it sounds interesting! Honestly, I might try to make my own game some day, but that'll take a while
  2. I'm gen z, from '02! Weird how I never seem to hear about gen X (or really my own generation actually). Feels like it's all boomers complaining about millenials, and millenials complaining about boomers. There's definitely something to the idea of generations, but it's mostly just stereotypes; feels like any 'information' about generations is just marketing advice, and outside of businesses trying to sell their products, it's all a bit unimportant
  3. OMG, I love your avatar!

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    2. rikax97


      Later sure, but atm I should sleep really.  Almost 6am where I am :awwthanks:

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      That’s fine.

      Hope you have a nice sleep.


      Thank you for chatting with me. ^^

    4. rikax97


      Thank you too! It's nice to have someone to talk to.

  4. I'd like a metroidvania, or maybe a roguelike Going through areas of Equestria, collecting items and spells that would help you explore and fight. The Everfree Forest, Diamond Dog Mines and the Castle of the Sisters could be cool settings. There's even some cool unexplored settings, like Mount Everhoof and the Flame Swamps with the Chimera! Honestly though, I feel that if there were to be a pony game, it'd be really hard to make it about the mane cast; they're too powerful, and the show's already shown them in 101 situations. Best protagonists for the game would be either original ch
  5. I'd still want to meet her.
  6. Sorry I'll upload the download link. Like I say though, I haven't tried it yet, so if there are any problems it might be worth making a Discord account just to ask about it
  7. rikax97

    Mega Thread The General Video Masterthread

    I need context for this Also, seeing this adult guy sit on a tiny toilet is so creepy imo.
  8. Oh okay then, still new here
  9. Yeah I guess Perish Song is right, this is a MC forum, how about I make a Discord server for talking about this more if anyone wants to? Probably easier to organise things too. I doubt anyone wants to use this, but just in case https://discord.gg/ggAewXh .
  10. Terraria could be good. There's a mlp modpack that looks really good too, but I've heard modding on Terraria is fiddly, so I don't know if it's possible or too difficult to make a modded server. I'll try to find out more about it, but I'm gonna be honest, I know very little about coding myself .
  11. I was tempted to put a link to Never Gonna Give You Up, but I realised that's probably already been done several times here, so I'll put this here instead
  12. Sorry, I wasn't very clear about that, still new to using forums in general Great idea, I love Civ! It's a bit of a pain to play online, but that could good!
  13. rikax97

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I'll do this much, but no more. What's a good question?
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