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  1. As a game dev im curious, if you were to make a pony game, how would you make it? Currently working a non-pony game (I dont wanna fight copyright) but I am just interest in what all of you would do if you had a chance? Or better yet, if Hasbro were to hire a big company what would you think it would be like (ignoring there mobile game)? Tbh, I would love to see a thirdperson platformer with ponies. Or an open world ubisoft-like game.
  2. I open my arms in a t-pose and say "thank you for chosing me, I did well at saving the aliens at area 51"
  3. Hello! Your art is very nice!
  4. Its been years since I was on this site and I have already forgotten everything! First of all, I'm a game developer...nothing ese really, im pretty boring.
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