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  1. Probably this was discussed before, but I really wanna know, how much what shown in the comics matches the series, and viceversa, and how much do they contradict eachothers? Can they still belong to the same canon, ot it's better to count them as two separate continuities?
  2. Dark green . A pretty common color, I know xD
  3. Some might never admit it, but I do relate with Zephyr and his self-righteous millenial attitude xD (as well as his irritation of not being able to express himself).
  4. Those are the same things I admire on her . People calls her a secondary character for not having much focus (which is really not that much true anymore in later seasons) and because of her lacks of life goals, like Rarity or Dash. But not all people needs great goals, some are just comptent with being helpful to the people they carenand seeing them happy. She's the ideal average man, which is really not a bad thing.
  5. How'bout Troule Shoe then? That guy deserves more love
  6. For my answer to this question, check the link here: That said, if I have to choose my waifus, those goes to Babs Seed and Celestia
  7. That's a pretty tough question. My immediate personality traits would say I relate the most with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy; I tend to try making people laugh, like Pinkie, but I can also being shy and introvert like the latter. However, the truh is that I find things I relate to in all six of them, as well as things I admire and respect; I can be a total nerd and obsessed with unimportant particulars like Twilight, I can be a hot head Like Dash (not much a fan of sports though xD), I've an artist vein like Rarity, and Applejack I admire her working spirit and and undying loyalty to anyone she's close too (her family and friends). Heck, even Spike in his naivity and need o prove himself, Same for Starlight's I see a little of myself into. Same goes for Starlight's obliviousness or Trixie's ego. Or Discord glifulnes into seeing the comedic suffering of others... Yeah, as you can see, I harldy have the will to choose a favourite, because I relate to almost them all
  8. I DESPISE children! I wanna squash their heads, I hate the so much
  9. Ember is most cenrtainly either in full teenage years, or she has just now becoming an adult. We saw in season 2 that dragons growing in size i caused by greed rather then age, so he age has probably nothing to do with her size.
  10. He's most probably arounf pre-teen/young teen age. He's old enough for hvaing he's first physical experience Age is never specified, of course, but I believe she was at least 6-7 joining the magic school, so that makes her a young adult.
  11. Why you say that? Ponies can flirt with Griphons, Changelings and Yaks for how I see it
  12. I like the dab. I dunno what it means, but t's cool
  13. Well, I don't think so... except some chubbyness Do you sing?