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  1. SparkleSan79

    Looking for playtesters

    Made with RPG Maker? VX/Ace of MV version? Because I'd download that in a heartbeat!
  2. SparkleSan79

    Ask Lucky Bolt!

    Hi, Lucky Bolt! Do you get to visit other places in Equestria besides Ponyville?
  3. I feel let down when no one replies to my topics let alone status updates.
  4. SparkleSan79

    Mane 6 Pony Game (+Your OC!)

    I make pony sprites, too! Can mine be included in the game if I submit them?
  5. SparkleSan79

    A 3D My Little Pony Series Planned for 2030

    Will character ideas be involved in this project?
  6. SparkleSan79

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    456772 I think I may have played this before ...back in elementary school.
  7. Can pony bases be used for this contest? Because I'm thinking of participating.
  8. SparkleSan79

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    The Mane 6 turn into RPG game sprites!
  9. SparkleSan79

    General Do you wear a watch?

    The watch I got from Kohl's, that I'm wearing now, is way cooler.
  10. SparkleSan79

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    I'm used to the snow. I wasn't, however, expecting it in mid-November. I don't complain. It's the cold weather conditions I worry about.
  11. SparkleSan79

    RPG Maker (MV) Resources

    I've found some great RPG Maker MV pony sprites on Deviant Art. You should take a look at them. I only use RPG Maker VX/Ace for my sprites, but I'll bet the ones for RPG Maker MV are really good. Look them up! Hope this helps!
  12. SparkleSan79

    Color of your pants + Last thing you ate = Your band name

    Denim Salad. Sounds like a catchy band name, huh?
  13. Thanks so much for following me!!!  




    1. SparkleSan79


      Got your message!!  ;)

  14. SparkleSan79

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    We just watched "The Great Pumpkin" last night. It's a tradition my family and I have every October. And we have to get some Halloween candy to give to the trick-or-treaters when we get some. We had two or three a couple of years ago, which to me was a suitable turnout.
  15. SparkleSan79

    New Reactions and Emojis! :D :D

    I think I'll try the new emojis and see what I think. I might get to like them as much as I did the older ones.