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  1. SparkleSan79

    A 3D My Little Pony Series Planned for 2030

    Will character ideas be involved in this project?
  2. SparkleSan79

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    456772 I think I may have played this before ...back in elementary school.
  3. Can pony bases be used for this contest? Because I'm thinking of participating.
  4. SparkleSan79

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    The Mane 6 turn into RPG game sprites!
  5. SparkleSan79

    General Do you wear a watch?

    The watch I got from Kohl's, that I'm wearing now, is way cooler.
  6. SparkleSan79

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    I'm used to the snow. I wasn't, however, expecting it in mid-November. I don't complain. It's the cold weather conditions I worry about.
  7. SparkleSan79

    RPG Maker (MV) Resources

    I've found some great RPG Maker MV pony sprites on Deviant Art. You should take a look at them. I only use RPG Maker VX/Ace for my sprites, but I'll bet the ones for RPG Maker MV are really good. Look them up! Hope this helps!
  8. SparkleSan79

    Color of your pants + Last thing you ate = Your band name

    Denim Salad. Sounds like a catchy band name, huh?
  9. Thanks so much for following me!!!  




    1. SparkleSan79


      Got your message!!  ;)

  10. SparkleSan79

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    We just watched "The Great Pumpkin" last night. It's a tradition my family and I have every October. And we have to get some Halloween candy to give to the trick-or-treaters when we get some. We had two or three a couple of years ago, which to me was a suitable turnout.
  11. SparkleSan79

    New Reactions and Emojis! :D :D

    I think I'll try the new emojis and see what I think. I might get to like them as much as I did the older ones.
  12. SparkleSan79

    Who collects the old G1 ponies? I do!

    I had a few G1 ponies when I was little. Now I draw ponies on bases. I also make paper ponies.
  13. SparkleSan79

    News Hurricane Florence

    Where I'm at, we'll be lucky to get a few on-again-off-again rain showers as reminents. We hardly get any hurricanes let alone tornadoes. The last one as far back as I can remember was Sandy.
  14. SparkleSan79

    Episode 200. Whaddya wanna see?

    For the 200th episode, it would be awesome if my ponified Monkees made an appearance on the show.
  15. SparkleSan79

    Looking for volunteers for new game!

    Should I trust Discord servers?