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  1. SparkleSan79

    New Reactions and Emojis! :D :D

    I think I'll try the new emojis and see what I think. I might get to like them as much as I did the older ones.
  2. SparkleSan79

    Who collects the old G1 ponies? I do!

    I had a few G1 ponies when I was little. Now I draw ponies on bases. I also make paper ponies.
  3. SparkleSan79

    News Hurricane Florence

    Where I'm at, we'll be lucky to get a few on-again-off-again rain showers as reminents. We hardly get any hurricanes let alone tornadoes. The last one as far back as I can remember was Sandy.
  4. SparkleSan79

    Episode 200. Whaddya wanna see?

    For the 200th episode, it would be awesome if my ponified Monkees made an appearance on the show.
  5. SparkleSan79

    Looking for volunteers for new game!

    Should I trust Discord servers?
  6. SparkleSan79

    Looking for volunteers for new game!

    Can I show you what I have made for sprites so far?
  7. SparkleSan79

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    That was absolutely hysterical!! It also taught us a great lesson: Doing something you love, even if you're not that good at it, makes you happy. No one should stop that.
  8. SparkleSan79

    Food What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

    Dark chocolate 's my absolute favorite!!!
  9. SparkleSan79

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Hi there! This question is for all of you: What would be your reaction if you met a certain hippogriff named Andy Gibb? Would you think he's cool?
  10. SparkleSan79

    General Have you ever been to a wedding?

    I've been to 7, one of which I was a bridesmaid in.
  11. Hmmm... Derpy, being the clumsy one, may have knocked over the furniture, spilling all the food. Then the pony I couldn't stand, unable to find the bathroom, made a disgusting mess of the carpet as a result of not getting there in time. Finally, the baby pony must've pushed the door open by himself and had trotted in. My theory of all this is that I wasn't back in the time allotted to prevent this disaster from happening in the first place. I should blame myself.
  12. SparkleSan79

    Terrible news for FiM fans with cable

    Good thing we have Spectrum.
  13. SparkleSan79

    Are you a fan of bananas?

    Are you kidding? I love bananas!!! I was planning to make a banana cream pie sometime this summer.
  14. SparkleSan79

    rapunzel Ask Rapunzel

    Are there any new things to learn while you're in Ponyville?
  15. SparkleSan79

    Free Sprites for Everypony

    Maybe I can fix the sprites, if that's okay?