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  1. Oh, Darlings you have been so generous thus far helping out the fillies and foals of the BC children's hospital. Can we get a bit more fabulosity and reach our goal before Hearths Warming? I think we can.
  2. Rarity

    Art Contest - December

    I am delighted to have given the chance to present this Contest for the month of December, Winter is here at last and this seems like the perfect time to showcase my new Winter-line, but enough about me, This Contest is for everypony, so here's what we'll do, to avoid the Vulgar choises mixed themes sometimes present us with, we're going to go for the purity of Winter, Snow, and Hearthwarming, now in the spirit of the holidays, it's decided that you won't have to mix all 3, any one of those three is enough to have a valid entry other rules do still apply though, so make sure to keep your entries clean and safe for children, and if you use a base, mention it, that would be all, may you all have a lovely evening. Deadline is the end of the month, as usual, and there might me a surprise this time but don't hold me to it Entries are to be submitted here if you recieve an error text, the entry still gets through, don't worry
  3. I am personally partial to Glory. Any banner that has her on it will get Rarity's seal of approval!
  4. My horn is going crazy with all of the gems out there. This is quite the curiosity. 

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    2. Rikifive



       I hope someone didn't lose these. 









    3. Snow


      If they have been lost it would be best to find their original owners 

    4. Flutterstep


      I think we need the pick axe back :darling:

  5. Rarity

    The Moon vs Sweet Apple Acres

    Go Applejack!
  6. Good afternoon Darlings. Eight whole years already? What is your favorite pony outfits? Do you have clothing you could show off that is MLP in nature? We'd love to see it.
  7. Ooooh. Thank you for following me darling. :mlp_grin:

  8. Rarity

    Art of the Dress | Puzzle Game

    @Rikifivewhat a positively delightful idea, and to spend your free time on it is quite generous if i may add, I am most definately looking forward to this
  9. Rarity

    The Art of the Dress part 1

    while it's a really nice thought, it will be a completely new dress made for them, unless they specifically ask for that one to be remade
  10. Rarity

    The Art of the Dress part 1

    Thank you all for your fabulous designs, my customers were positively delighted to have them in time for the Gala, and it's all thanks to you, so now i'd like to thank you in return,and as promised one of you will get a brand new atire designed just for you, or someone you'd like to gift it to, who that would be will of course be totally random between every one of you, i'll post your names just to double check, and if yours is missing for some reason, send a message to my assistant, Lord Valtasar and the error will be quickly rectified these numbers will also serve as your number in the lot, which will be in a few minutes after you have some time to check if your name is in there and send a msg if it's not. once again thank you all for participating 1. @R von Lohengramm 2. @TBD 3. @Nye Noir 4. @Rikifive 5. @Fhaolan 6. @Divine plywood 7. @Snow 8. @ShadOBabe 9. @bornAgainEquestrian 10. @Goat-kun 11. @Script Chime 12. @Crystal Peppermint 13. @SparklingSwirls 14. @Dabmanz
  11. Wha-WHAT? I'll have you know that I take my work seriously, and the client and artist relationship has to be one of trust and communication. I don't think you have the bits needed to make up for all the shady things you have done in the past. I did NOT send you any letter responding to you inquiry ... and if you thing that ridiculous alibi .... Wait, what about the inn?
  12. Cut the act you two bit swindler. I know you know where my diamond and gems are! I found a jar of Zap Apple jam in my boutique, which was ransacked along with Applejacks barn. You were there yesterday trying to procure some of they fabulous preserves, and when I tracked you down to your inn, I found you left in a hurry leaving behind your tickets and even a spool of my thread! Rarity looks around for some evidence of a crate or something that would hold all the gems.
  13. Well look at who I found, Looking for these Flim? Rarity flashes the two tickets in front of Flim as a wry smile crosses her face.
  14. Rarity

    Applejack - Rarity Intestigates Part 2

    "Oh AJ, I found this after I woke up. My home and shop where robbed and Twilights gem was stolen. What is interesting is that I know you don't start selling Zap Apple Jam yet, so I was wondering if maybe you knew of any that had gone missing?" Rarity looks around and sees the open crates and overturned jars full of jam.
  15. Rarity

    events Carousel Boutique

    This looks like a jar of Zap Apple Jam! But these aren't going to be sold for a bit now, them. The game is ahoof! Looks like I know just the pony to help me find out more about this. I just need to find her.