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  1. Deadlines loomed, and my schedule was quite tight, and ever since the Applejack incident a few years back, we decided there's no need for judges, everyone is a winner but let us delay no further i am proud to present equestria's future designers @2nd Amendment Brony with his conspiracy couture @Lord Valtasar with his "Eeyup" design @BroomsNHops and their untitled design that evokes mystery and adventure @Snow who's entry made quite a bang @Treeglow Flicker who represents the witching world and it's exciting fashion sense @Bas with not one, but two designs for his satirical line @TBD who went for a wig in a hat show to make a fashion statement that may shake the very core the industry, and his Lunar Night design to complement it @Lulaypp with their Hyena inspired hat @Ganaram Inukshuk with their pragmatic hat design and the attire it's acompanying @Odyssey with a set of hat and cloak that perfectly complement eachother @BornAgainBrony who has future insight so we can't talk of his inspiration, Unity of the Heavens and his ..other design(should i be worried?), Urban Legend then comes @KH7672 with a design that's made to match all kinds of creatures and @Cash In's floral frenzy @TheRockARooster with Tribute to Rarity(aww thank you darling) and ocean breeze and our last entry, @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ who made a hat that makes Pinkie proud thank you all for attending
  2. darling.. that's.. eh.. interesting! yes yes, quite an interesting design
  3. this one is all about the hats, but feel free to acompany it with a dress so you can show it's full potential oh yes, yes, you definately should, everyone should share their tallent with the world, fashion always needs more ideas
  4. *Looks at portrait/avatar*

    As much as I adore this particular outfit, my all-time  favorite is your traditional Wonderbolts uniform.


    b0ab5460e2d4c84488f3106daba45649.png :wub:

  5. Fashion week is here, oh most wonderful of times, after contemplating for a while, i decided that the single piece that can show off a designer's tallent on it's own is the hat, so come forth my future Fashionistas, and show me what you can make, at the end of the week we'll have a grand gallery where we will showcase them, all eyes will be on them, and maybe your design will catch the right eye, and you can be the next big name, let's show the world our fashion there are some mannequins you can use in the back (once done, just post your design on this thread, deadline is sep 14, good luck)
  6. Rarity

    Fashion Week

    Hello Darlings. This week we will be celebrating the fabulosity of fashion. Your wonderful party pony will be coming up with simply amazing events and the community Dadmin @Jeric has been entrusted with running The Church of Fabulosity. Share your fashion and fabulosity and remember be generous with each other.
  7. Oho, well, whatever the fillies call it, these days. We'll call it a Fabulousity Cult!
  8. I-I simply don't know what to say! I must admit I've been rather busy as of late, between the demands of my business and assisting my dear friends with saving Equestria, not to mention my roles in Twilight's school, but I wish you all to know how deeply flattered I am! I don't believe I've ever had a fanclub of sorts, before, not one I've properly noticed, anyway...oh I'm so giddy! But you certainly don't need me to be fabulous, my darlings, I'm sure each and every one of you will spread fabulousity in your own way, for all of Equestria to see! That said, I'll be sure to pop by now and again, of course! Now if you excuse me, I simply must let my friends know about this! Looks like you're not the only pony with a fan following anymore, hmm, @Rainbow Dash?
  9. This match fees like deja vous!


    No matter, LET'S DO THIS GIRLS!



  10. Oh, Darlings you have been so generous thus far helping out the fillies and foals of the BC children's hospital. Can we get a bit more fabulosity and reach our goal before Hearths Warming? I think we can.
  11. I am delighted to have been given the chance to present this Contest for the month of December, Winter is here at last and this seems like the perfect time to showcase my new Winter-line, but enough about me, This Contest is for everypony, so here's what we'll do, to avoid the Vulgar choises mixed themes sometimes present us with, we're going to go for the purity of Winter, Snow, and Hearthwarming, now in the spirit of the holidays, it's decided that you won't have to mix all 3, any one of those three is enough to have a valid entry other rules do still apply though, so make sure to keep your entries clean and safe for foals, and if you use a base, mention it, that would be all, may you all have a lovely evening. Deadline is the end of the month, as usual, and there might me a surprise this time but don't hold me to it Entries are to be submitted here if you recieve an error text, the entry still gets through, don't worry
  12. I am personally partial to Glory. Any banner that has her on it will get Rarity's seal of approval!
  13. My horn is going crazy with all of the gems out there. This is quite the curiosity. 

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    2. Rikifive



       I hope someone didn't lose these. 









    3. Snow


      If they have been lost it would be best to find their original owners 

    4. Flutterstep


      I think we need the pick axe back :darling:

  14. Rarity

    The Moon vs Sweet Apple Acres

    Go Applejack!
  15. Good afternoon Darlings. Eight whole years already? What is your favorite pony outfits? Do you have clothing you could show off that is MLP in nature? We'd love to see it.