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  1. GOOD MORNIN EVER PONY, how is your great friday morning so far. i just got my prize from the name the tank challenge yesterday, and it is awesome. a great magical shout out to @Arc Flash @Zayfen and @Lord Valtasar,  thank you guys so much for the prize, i really love the pic design lord valt, you guys are great friends. bro hoofs to you guys. well have a great day, i will be here for promises, BRO HOOFS TO ALL!!!!!



    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      This is amazing!!!B)

      This was a fun event...in fact...might do another one later on:ticking:

    2. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :D I'm doing alright at the moment, I hope your day has been a good one too! :)

      Nice art! :yay:

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      I'm glad you loved it. I drew it on a different pc and didn't take into account the terrible colors of that monitor. So now its extra vibrant :catface:

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