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  1. Aww I hug @gamecubeguy214 back
  2. Ah thanks guess I should’ve looked around a little harder
  3. I never knew how the ranking system worked I know after five posts you become a cupcake but how does it work after that?
  4. Banned for trying to cause chaos to fluttershy
  5. Stop trying to ship Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy it just doesn’t work people

  6. Paper Mario and the thousand year door that was my favorite game ever Same? (I’m curious as well)
  7. Yea I do it’s just a bad habit
  8. Ima give some special swag hugs to @Twilight and Starlight @Nsxile@StarDust@Tacodidra @TBD
  9. I used to say “oh shit!” Whenever I dropped something i think those were my first words
  10. “I’m stardust and I approve this ship”
  11. 677 i forgot about the tango XD