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  1. It is almost obvious seeing how Hasbro wanted to make toys if the Mane 6 as Crystal Ponies, and as Rainbow Powered, to take the Princess route. I know many would hate it, but why do you think Hasbro decided against it?
  2. Because once you start, you just have to stick to it
  3. If we just consider music without any singing, so no songs, then it is one of the most important thing to me. Music is life! Must have it.
  4. Excuse me? Is that a real word? Yea, I do feel a little bit sick while performing manly stuff. Don't know why
  5. Yea, every Act 2 had some gimmick to it. Bridge Zone Act 2 was a horizontal auto scroller, and Jungle Zone had the vertical climbing. Looking closely at the other act 2's, Scrap Brain had the level divided into two maps (you ran into a big doorway, or took one of the cool teleporters) and the screen faded into another map. Sky Base Act 2 was onboard a blimp. I really like this story telling aspect, which didn't happen until Sonic 3 for the official games
  6. True. I used to hate the local news because they only cared about the big areas, and ignored the rest
  7. The only problem I currently have is finding a song that is played in season 4 of the TV show Scrubs during a night club scene, and no one has been able to find it yet. So annoying!
  8. As long as I can boot into Windows 95, I feel perfectly fine being alone.
  9. I feel, in this world you'll either get stepped on, or step on soneone. It is just impossible to be passive.
  10. 23 hours is no bragging rights when it comes to gaming. I am sure people can do more hours, and actually survive as well!
  11. More my hero academia season 2, and still questioning the whole sport thing. I know sports are things you do in schools, but it is just a weird competition and I feel like the rest of the story outside is being skipped
  12. I need total darkness, and doors with 3 locks to sleep safe
  13. My parents aren't together anymore, and they have been enemies since before I was born. No need to make some romantic story how they met
  14. Crush 🐌 guts under boot, point with finger, and 🦆 will eat. No need to pick up slimy guts in my hand