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  1. Yea, just thinking about it now makes me feel happy. There is nothing like enjoying one's hobby to the extreme!
  2. I wish I had been here back in the day when Bronies were a thing, they seemed so loving and tolerancey back in 2012
  3. It's a little bit too much. You grow tired of it eventually. I know, I have seen it on TV!
  4. I like to strip down naked, and put in a VHS of TMNT 1987... Yeah, no one reads my posts anyways
  5. I know Animal farm.

    I thought it was some new cartoon :awwthanks:


  6. So imagine Twilight Sparkle just finished eating her lunch, or drinking her soup from a bowl, or Rarity licking the remaining food from a bowl. Would you eat from that same bowl (without it being washed first)?
  7. What is there that is so difficult to understand about her hair. I cannot see it?
  8. English is the natural language in FIM, so yes. I would only struggle with the language the same way I did when visiting the US
  9. I think all cons are over now when the covid-19 is acknowledged
  10. Yes, yes, and yes! Bonus answer: Yes with a little confusion in my voice
  11. I think they have "Yahoo! China edition", and there might be a torrent available there?
  12. Horses lift there tail, or widen their legs. But in Equestria, they don't do that. There is no need in a cartoon
  13. Animal farm? Is that a show that I should know about? Starlight is a dictator that turned into a good dictator-friend through friendship is my magic. I am sure anyone would love that!
  14. I think it would be as popular as Lauren Faust, but instead of Bronies, we would be called Burtonians instead