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  1. I like this one, I'm for it as well. I doubt any of the mane 6 would want to hang with anyone in this forum besides Pinkie Pie.
  2. I like this question even though the thread is dead. Twilight: She's the princess of friendship so yeah I think we could be pretty decent friends. She's not too crazy and neither am I. If I got to know her on a personal level we'd be great friends most likely. Or maybe not, she might find me boring. or rude. I can be rude at times I have my moments. Rarity: wouldn't even notice me, but if she did would likely think I'm really nice but too quiet. She'd think I'm boring as well. Or rude I like to tease and she's a prude so she might not like me too much. Rainbow: she'd think I'm
  3. FRENCH TOAST! Tell me you know the song its from.
  4. jeremy1555

    General Do you wear a uniform?

    I wear a work uniform. that's it though. I don't really care for it either way. I certainly won't ever wear it on my day off though. Not a big fan of green.
  5. As everyone else is saying, you should be a good balance of both. Hooray for bringing nothing new to the table!
  6. I'm Rarity apparently, I'm super classy apparently. I'm okay with this.
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