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  1. I've had 7 cans of pop, send help.

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    2. SpittyPie2005⚡️⚡️


      I binge-drink lemonade and/or pop whenever I feel sad.

    3. EpicEnergy


      @SpittyPie2005 I hope you feel better soon then. :kindness:

    4. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣
  2. my 22-year-old cousin just found my instagram account filled with bs memes and edits of Spinel from Steven Universe help.....lol

  3. do you even just stick a gem inside your belly button and call yourself Steven Universe? No? Just me? O-Ok...

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      I mean, I don't have a gem, and I have an outie button...o, it wouldn't work anyway.

    2. SpittyPie2005⚡️⚡️


      Ew an outie! Get outta here 😂😂

  4. ''Oh no, there's Spitty again..'' (what you're probably thinking,...I know I am lol) But anyways I'm asexual (sex-repulsed too) so none of that baby-making fun stuff for me As for romantic attraction, I like boys and girls, so I'm biromantic. Not gonna lie, I prefer girls, but I still do like some boys (I used to think I was homoromantic because I rarely had a crush on a real boy and just fictional ones). And and one more thing. If you've seen me around the fourms, you'd know that I am the literal definition of ''bi panic''.
  5. ya, so I know I've commented on this, but that ain't even the tip of the iceberg because I have so much wrong with me. getting jealous very easily, but like...it's weird: for example, if a person relates more to a fictional character than I do, my Hell Naw Mode™ gets activated, cause I'M THE ONE WHO RELATES MORE! YOU CAN'T OUT RELATE-ME. same thing with talented people. This is why I HATE talent shows, because they make me feel bad cause I can't do shit.
  6. biromantic asexual.....in other words, I'm that biconic ace in the forums XD
  7. Brenner (betta fish) - is like the fish version of Rainbow Dash: thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, is a total brat, but when he dies I'm gonna miss him Trixie (African dwarf frog)- like the frog version of Trixie, always likes to show off, the most hyper of the bunch Floaty (African dwarf frog) - frog version of Fluttershy: shy, tends to be less hyperactive Appetizer (snail) - seriously forgot he exists because he can rarely be found, but he's chill
  8. Am I even applicable to answer this question, lol. What is love?
  9. like actual fucking shit, I'm so fed up and tired with my mom's bullshit, i just wanna scream and shout and let it all out (shit, didn't mean to make a song referance), I am PISSED right now. I don't know what it means to love and my heart is broken, just please help me...💔
  10. my mom can be such a fucking idiot, holy shit.....she has the fucking nerve to say I have autism instead of BPD, while she showers a 7-year-old with love....jokes on here...i don't need love...i can live without it...💔💔

  11. back when the song Rap God came out I could rap the entire thing...now I'm not sure how I did it.

    1. Bastian


      That takes some skill. :wacko:

    2. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Never heard of it lmao

  12. so I told my mom that I think I have BPD, and I don't know what her problem is... you can't just google shit on how to help, you gotta get me tested to see if I have Borderline Personality Disorder. she knows i'm worried, but minors can't get BPD diagnoses because ''the symptoms are similar to teenage moodiness'' (which if you ask me, an actual teenager, is fucking bullshit because I've spent enough times around myself and my peers to know how teen moodiness works. how I act goes beyond that, but than again. what the hell does Spitty know?), so I'm just here suffering cause my ass can't get proper help. I don't think that normal teenagers lash out at people and threaten/hurt them. I don't think normal teenagers get impulses to hurt themselves because they're ''favourite person'' isn't spending enough time with them, because you feel like you're not good enough. And I sure as hell don't think normal teenagers have a cripping fear of imaginary abandonment and will cling to you, cut you out, extreme black-and-white thinking, and will cry even at the smallest change all for that sweet, sweet, fear of abandonment. So ya, people can say that's normal teen thinking, but like, I've never met another teen, tween, or kid like that...

    1. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      If you're able to get professional help, the sooner the better. Dont wander off into the dark. Not fun.

    2. Bastian


      You have to get help, if you know something's wrong then you have to act.

      And remember that we all support you here, as insignificant as it might be.