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  1. I personally don’t like it too much, but I like to imagine that they will make a return as their old forms in G5 somewhere in the series. I understand that this is supposed to be a new generation where the old characters are assumably dead, but they must make some sort of a- flashback, or like where Sunny can communicate with them through the dead or IDK!! Just something where they can make an appearance as they were so iconic and important!!! I think the book that they opened and closed in the beginning and end of the show could be opened again by Sunny or present day Twilight in her normal form because I literally hate how Twilight was like huge like Celestia in the end of the show. So yea, I hope someday they either make a continuation of the series, or continue it in the g5!
  2. I definitely think the Mane 6 SHOULD return in g5, and now although the time I am writing this, they are already released the movie, and new series , and stuff.. but they said that they will make a part 2 to the movie, and they might include the old characters as younger in new episodes! I have high hopes after all, it was just a book, who said they actually grew old? hehe
  3. I’m going to be honest, i always looked at EVERY. SINGLE. pony in mlp as white. Even Luna!!! Except for one… twilight sparkle. And I swear to god I’m not racist but as a 4 year old, this bothered me. I looked at twilight as like a tanned nerd, like Luz from the owl houses skin color. This bothered me only because i tend to favorite characters who are mostly like me, and I usually like to favorite the main characters, which I always do!!! But I am white, and this might sound childish but I really want twilight to match me. Now see, this is a new perception, it’s not really Twilights skin tone that makes her look a teency bit darker (because Luna is much darker and I look at her as white) but instead, her hair. Why? I seriously don’t know. I tried to give her like a different type of hair type, and it just looked so much different to me. Anyways, I’ve been trying to look at her or at least see her as white, or lighter because I don’t know how there is such little diversity in my head, anyways this is my perspective upon it! Twilight: American (ig i used to look at her as Indian) Rainbow Dash: White (idk why but I look at like tomboys as white, i think it’s her accent) Fluttershy: Pale / American Rarity: White / European Russian idk Apple Jack: American southern or smth and last but not least Pinkie Pie: also White American idk why but I guess at 3 my mind didn’t have so much diversity aha ty for reading have a good day
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