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  1. This sounds awesome! I don't have anything SUPER recent, but I guess if you're looking for any slightly different genres, I got 3 songs on my pony.fm profile all ready to go :U! I think Handle With Care might be the best, but idk, whatever you'd think would fit haha. https://pony.fm/wolfblur Totally looking forward to this though, it's a great idea
  2. Pretty much agree with CloudFyre. There's been too many times where I'm at my wits end trying to search on Youtube with obscure keywords with the aid of "search by upload date" to try to find something new and refreshing. Having a site that cuts that would probably be pretty popular. Only pony results (which is already established), and an efficient way of cycling new content to always be sharing the new things, but at the same time making sure the popular tracks have earned their rightful place. I haven't been on every pony music site in the world, but I still think a great addition to ma
  3. Definitely awesome! The only suggestion I could make would maybe put a "see more" at the end of those lists? I know the "newest tracks" could basically just go to the regular "tracks" page since those are in order by newest, but it'd be cool to have a page or something on the most popular tracks as well. Looking even better though, it's definitely an improvement, >D
  4. This episode was hands down the best of the season for me, and honestly? Probably my favorite of any episode so far. I just really love how they handled Scoots for her very first episode, and finally tying that bond with Rainbow Dash as canon was extremely emotional to watch. Even this aside, generally being in a new setting a majority of the episode, and a grouping of ponies we haven't had before, it just overall felt really fresh. The only downside is that it's hard to resist watching it over and over again, D:. I don't want to get tired of it!
  5. Wolfy

    Search by Pony?

    Not sure if this has been exactly suggested before (some gut feeling feels like it has, so if so, my apologizes), but could it be possible to have a tagging option in the edit stage after uploading to tag a song to a character from the show? Seems like TONS of people make songs based after or around certain characters, whether it be a remix of a character's song from the show, an original around the idea of a character etc. It'd be really rad if I could search or click "Rainbow Dash" off the main page or something, and have all the songs on the site that are related to her right there in f
  6. I'd personally like an onsite one. I've been trying to make habit of just having Pony.fm on my bookmark list, and if there was a follow option to where I could just get on the site, instantly go and see if any of the people I follow have new stuff or not, that'd be great. If the DA and Youtube and etc ways are too complex, maybe something like FurAffinity? I think it just makes a simple text list of updates as things happen.
  7. Wolfy

    Batch downloads.

    When we're talking about making playlists, does this mean like a user can start adding songs from any artist's profile and start making a playlist out of them? 'Cause if so, a download for that would be pretty cool, since it'd almost basically work as a "add to shopping cart" type deal (but of course without the money aspect haha). Not sure if that's what everyone is meaning by making playlists though. As for the "everything by artist" that'd be pretty handy. I can't really recall a time where I wanted to do that personally, but I'm betting there's a few people out there that see whatever
  8. Yeah, it should probably be specific slot areas, much like how on the forum here, when we go to edit our profile, there's about 10 different slots for "contact information" that are all specified each. If there was something like that for any social media areas, that'd be really fantastic. I totally understand the point of not really wanting to put things like soundcloud, box, and other upload sites though. Pony.fm is meant to be a new hub for artists' music, but like you said, there's a lot of artists here that probably do more than just pony music (like myself), and would love it if any
  9. Not sure if this has already been discussed or not yet, but I couldn't find anything on it yet. Basically was wondering if there could be a profile edit option to post up links to your other various profiles from big universal sites, like Bandcamp, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I kinda like following any artists and such that I like, and having a way to link from pony.fm to other social places they're at would be totally awesome.
  10. Wolfy

    "Metal" Genre Option?

    Yeah there's probably a few genres that could benefit from having their own selection, but I also understand wanting to keep the genre lists as simplified as possible. I guess it's all about the balance, since too many genre types and some songs will probably never get found due to obscurity, while if it's too simplified, then things get lost under the umbrella term.
  11. Heyo, just a quick suggestion I thought I'd ask about, but when uploading a song, I noticed that there wasn't really a "Metal" genre option in the genre selection. I understand it could technically be fitted under "Rock," but I feel that metal is a pretty large genre on it's own to umbrella it's own type of music. It'd help separate away from standard rock tracks as well when people searching for metal and/or rock as well. If not, I understand, but just an idea! Thanks
  12. Wolfy

    Pony.fm Forum Embed

    That'd be pretty awesome since pony.fm is already connected through the board here. It'd be like an official localization dealeo, so I'd be down for that.
  13. It's actually the fact that we're only allowed lossless files types that this pony.fm thing appeals to me so much. When I first heard of it I instantly thought of it being like a pony-specific bandcamp, which is like a dream come true. This way anyone can download it however they want it without worrying how your listeners will want your work. If we just all uploaded MP3, then everyone would have to have MP3 no matter what (and I'm sure some people would probably upload less than 320kbps versions as well).
  14. Yeah I've been getting the same deal for the past few hours. I think someone mentioned the problem a bit ago and I believe they said they were looking into it and whatnot. I wouldn't be surprised if they were away sleeping or something at the moment though haha
  15. I usually do stuff in singles. Basically it's because with my pace of making music, releasing an album would probably leave any listeners of mine high and dry for like a year at a time XD. So I release a new song or so about every month or two it seems *shrugs*
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