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  1. The Needle Drop aka Thatistheplan (mostly thatistheplan for the meme reviews) Todd in the Shadows (I'm sure many know of him but he only has 123k subs) Rap Critic
  2. Anyone here from Indiana (especially the Indianapolis area)? I know a few Indiana users but I wanna be surprised and think "Wow.".
  3. I love your profile pic!

    Guessing SFyr did it? It looks like a SFyr art style, but I could be wrong. :3

    1. Glacies Frost

      Glacies Frost

      Heheh. Actually, yes, SFyr is responsible. I won this pic in a raffle during the Making Christmas Merrier event this year. I paid for the shading later on. It's the best purchase I've made on this entire site thus far. I did pick the colors and the basic design, but he brought my ponysona to life. I owe him a great deal as a result.

  4. Hello Penguinbrony24! Welcome to MLPF! Tell me.... Is there a cold front headed over this board? I love weather too but I could tell you jack about meteorology terms. I'd love to learn more though!
  5. Technology

    <edited, I didn't fully look at the post>
  6. Hey @SFyr, what's your request load looking like? I might request something, send me a PM, I probably will only do flat since I cannot afford shaded atm (even though I'd love having it! ).
  7. request shop

    Someone taking requests? Oooooh! I had a commission (which was actually free for me as part of a deal) done of my OC, could you do it? It's the pony in the corner. As for cutie mark, come up with something. Something punk-ish, please.
  8. Nah bro. That's bad for you.
  9. Two brothers, but they live in their own places. One is in the Army, living currently in Alabama but is stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia, so right on the state line. The other lives just in the next county over.
  10. Not having an actual job since 17.... I keep applying and everyone tells me they'll look for someone else. I'm gonna be 22 soon, I need one.
  11. Before I clicked this I thought this was gonna be a Garfield pony. Well done.
  13. I was 9 years old (back in 2004), trying to come up with something cool for this game I downloaded, and this is what came out of it. It just stuck since then. Something I probably shouldn't share on a large public forum.
  14. Just ignore anyone that tries to come up with this kind of stuff. Negativity is not good for your mental health (and physical too I guess).