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  1. Celestia is majestic. And I found a majestic piece of artwork of her. There was no doubt in my mind!
  2. I would not. I chose this path because I felt like it was the only way. I was getting way worse than B's and C's, or rather I don't know the equivalents, but I'm pretty sure completely failing tests is worse. I didn't study, and if I could choose between getting A's and B's and finishing High School to dropping out at tenth grade, I chose the former always. Of course, this entirely depends on what you see your future as and your own ambitions; do you believe you have the drive to succeed? To continue even when everything seems bleak and not give up and become a garbage truck driver because it pays alright? The choice is always yours. Take heed that the less-trodden path may be more exciting and might have unexpected twists, but if you want to be safe and aren't ready to take this seriously and transform into an adult too early, then take the safe path. Finish school and go to university. I know that _I_ am prepared for the hard life ahead of me because I have wildly big dreams that I will kill for. It could be in ten years I'll hang myself from depression because I failed; who knows? All I know is that my life would turn out at least okay if I finish university, and taking the course of internet administration and programming five years ago gave me an enormous sense of pride, experience, and maturity. It gave me the ability to sway people and give everyone the impression I'm really smart, when in truth all of them had no doubt better scores in school than I. That was my goal with leaving High School and now is the time where I'm going to prove whether it payed off. The question you have for yourself is what are your goals. If you're just going to quit school to have fun with your friends on a My Little Pony forum, don't even consider it.
  3. I'm personally a fan of communities with overwhelming positiveness and strong negativity being frowned upon. I don't log on the internet anymore to correct others; my desires lie purely in having plain innocent fun. I try to avoid places where there is frequent unstructured arguments or communities that have "structured chaos". There isn't any deficiency in the amount of users who need to learn to be able to look at themselves and their form of expression objectively in this community... however, this applies to pretty much the whole world. Being able to look at yourself in 3d is extremely hard for many people, and the truly hopeless people will never read or consider a request to try to question their habits. Many people that don't understand the real world and the heftiness of their words are likely to not understand it for a reason more base than just not realizing the sensitivity of the subject. For those people, the only way to realize it is if they all by themselves consider it. "Self-discovery" of sorts is only possible if you don't have any doubt that the thought was brought to you by an external desire for pacification, neutralization or self-destruction. This applies far beyond just conversational habits. These philosophical discussions are fine in my opinion for the art of "group" self-discovery, but I wouldn't get your hopes up of changing the people you have in mind. With some luck they will, in time, develop.
  4. c&p my conclusions [9:49:20 PM] Twilight: no... that can't be right. that addon can't be that dumb. [9:49:24 PM] Twilight: notably, all 3 images are called "medium.png" [9:49:43 PM] Twilight: the image data is distinguished by post id and image name [9:50:39 PM | Edited 9:52:07 PM] Twilight: stands to reason that, unless there's a formatting system that's not displayed in the first image (ie, not sig-x.sig-x.medium1.png, y2.png, 3y.png, but rather y.png, y1.png, y2.png) the last image of the post will overwrite the rest first. [9:50:54 PM] Twilight: seems to be dumb as all hell but tell him to try using different filenames [9:51:31 PM] Twilight: since all 3 images are in the same post and have the same name all will be saved as sig-4007390.sig-47007390.medium.png [9:51:35 PM] Twilight: mhm. addon needs fixing [9:53:13 PM] Twilight: why is it called sig-x.sig-x.filename.type, anyway? what's with the double sig-x.sig-x? [9:53:25 PM] Twilight: could be the original distinguishing system has broken down due to something use different filenames. we'll add this bug to the to-fix list
  5. Well, that makes it sound like a hero. The reason demon hunters are very much not heroes is because they became demons in order to fight them.
  6. As a moderately hardcore player, I sort of disagree, even though I'm the person who'll benefit from it the most. I'm hoping from some stylization unique to Cutting Edge or mythic kills, but I'm not holding out. I like the direction they're going through, and as long as I can still feel fairly unique I'm happy with the situation. Besides, I doubt we'll be equipping them 24/7 - surely we're not expected to have a single weapon for the entire expansion?
  8. I love your avatar! :D Those eyes~♪

  9. Drakkon

    Ask Drakkon!

    I watched quite a few over the past few months... I randomly tried out Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood in English, loved it, and from there jumped to Clannad and its After Story, loved those even more even though it was my first time watching a subbed anime, and hop-skipped-and-a-jumped to quite a number of others, my favorites were The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sword Art Online I & II, Death Note, Nisekoi, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Nagi no Asukara and Fate stay/night. (Thank god for myanimelist or I'd have never remembered all those!!) It's one of my favorite past-times when I'm closing a day or weekend in the base, as the computers in the building that are connected to the internet don't actually have any graphics cards, making hearing music or watching TV shows the only possible pass-time on it. (I initially tried to work on Poniverse, but the SSH port was blocked, am currnetly working on a way to circumvent it.)
  10. Drakkon

    Ask Drakkon!

    That is a really tough question. I have had my fair share of moments where I felt overwhelming happiness, but they were not events per se, but more, "Oh wow, the previous year was riddled with so many horrible things, and here I am watching a TV show, relaxing and having casual fun without worrying about my world crashing and burning, this is what life is about!" I couldn't even tell you what was the happiest event in my life as most of the dramatic events in my life were either proud or sad, not happy per se. If I go back to my childhood though, one of the happiest things was probably when in quite a silly fashion, I asked my parents on the way back from my friend's birthday party, "after I and [friend] get married, will.." - I don't remember what I asked specifically, but everyone in the car burst into laughter and I was quite confused. But the day after, my sister apparently relayed it to her, and she responded in the affirmative as though it was obvious to her too (we were like 5). In hindsight it's really sad because I haven't seen her since I was 8, but when my sister told me that the thing everybody thought ridiculous was apparently well on its way, I was bursting with happiness. Considering I have a very ambitious mindset where a girl in my life has no room for at least the next decade, I'm very happy to have had even a brief time with her, even though I was just a kid. Probably the happiest moment in the last ten years was when I was told I'm confirmed to enter officers' course sometime in early 2016. I'm afraid I don't understand the question. I know senpai roughly corresponds to "senior" or "upperclassman", but I don't understand more than that, especially in regards to a VA. I do watch some anime though!
  11. Drakkon

    Ask Drakkon!

    Reasonably so! I'm mostly stuck with her avatar because I couldn't find a new, equally cool image of Twilight or something of the sort. I usually have either one of them for an avatar on the ponynet. There are multiple definitions for that... I would say my favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. Nope. Tough! The upper-level bureaucracy is especially annoying, but things are fairly relaxed on a personal one. Since my country is at war a little too often, it's slightly scary... but so is life.
  12. This is a different issue, and is also fixable, although not by you. Contact any Admin or myself (I am not right now sure if moderators can do it, but I think they can, so maybe try contacting them next time) and they'll be able to patch it up. I already fixed it for you.
  13. Drakkon

    Ask Drakkon!

    Three days, actually had nothing to do with programming but with a series of very tough days in the army. All things, regardless of how reasonable they are, are set by how you define their approachability. The boundaries of all things is limited by how you approach them; just as giving motivating advice to others results in you motivating yourself, convincing yourself of something is all you need to become that something. If you open every day in the mirror and say, "That's the look of an excellent manager," you will begin to believe it yourself, and in turn, do all you can to protect that image, invariably resulting in you becoming the person you strive to be. Confidence, goals, and sociability are all attainable if you approach them correctly. Chocolate!
  14. Drakkon

    Ask Drakkon!

    Hi, I'm Drakkon, a Poniverse developer and sysadmin. If our servers are under attack, I'm usually the sodding fool who responds with a defense. When they're just burning though, it's usually Feld0 or Lavoaster who figure out what's the problem before me (if I'm even home at the time). I also work on Poniverse and MLPForums hooks and features, when I'm not busy with my job in the army, which has taken too much of my time as of late!
  15. This is a known issue. There are very rare, but known incidents where if you edit a field in Profile Settings that isn't About Me, it will include an empty About Me in the update. The quickest solution to recovering your About Me is to google "site:mlpforums.com [name] profile" where [name] is your name (e.g site:mlpforums.com Drakkon profile). Find the result that's your profile page, and there should be a "v" to the right of the link. Click it, and in most cases there will be a "Cached" option. Click that, and it'll bring you to a cached (ie, old, usually between a few days to weeks) version of your profile page.