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  1. Huh, nothing about an episode? Is there just not one this week?

    1. Kyoshi


      Nope. I guess it is one of the week breaks.

    2. Undyne


      I haven't been catching up with the episodes recently, so I'm not sure what the schedule is for the episodes right now.

  2. Well, if I'm going to get myself active on here again, I better touch up the profile...

  3. ...Well, jeez. It really has been a while since I logged in, huh?

    1. DwhitetheGamer
    2. Undyne


      Thanks, I guess. At least the first time this year I came back, doesn't look like much has changed.

  4. *quietly hops on the Sonata bandwagon*

  5. This is great! I honestly love Suri, she's a underlooked character. Awesome job!
  6. Undyne

    Private When the Clock Stops RP

    @ @, ((Don't worry, I gotcha.)) Stellar was just honestly bored. He knew that he had to catch up with Grandfather Clock, but how rude would it be if he were to lure him off someplace else? Quite, to answer my question! He leaped off the stool, before catching a small bit of earshot about needing an extra player for some billiards. Well, it's not my strong suit. Perhaps it would be fun... "Don't mean to interrupt anything for you gals and colt from your conversation, but I couldn't help but hear from afar that you require a fourth member for your round? I'd gladly be your knight in
  7. Undyne

    Private When the Clock Stops RP

    Stellar nodded back to the old geezer, already beginning to head off into the bar and continuing to look about. The colt didn't play around with the decor, everything seemed to be extremely fabulous to his eyes! As he sat up on the barstool, he just simply stared around for a bit, even going to just stare off into space and go into deep thought. Honestly... I cannot believe the coot has made this much money. Then again, timeless... Oh, what I wouldn't do to have that much of a inheritance. Mother and Father would probably leave me the dining ware. It might be nice to stay in a place like t
  8. Undyne

    Private When the Clock Stops RP

    @ "Ah, of course! Dull and boring is just no fun, no? You always need to have some sort of livelihood within your life! Otherwise, you'd just be growing old with boredom! ...Well, at least for me. But enough of that mess! I think I shall take a few ganders around. We MUST catch up later~." Stellar chimed out, giving him a few pats on the back and heading right behind him into the home, checking to see that two other mares were talking along with a stallion.
  9. Undyne

    Private When the Clock Stops RP

    @ Stellar laughed along with him, taking the stallion in for his own hug, patting his back with a hoof. "Please, my memory is far from needing improvement. You're still the same old Stopwatch within my eyes, every day of the year! How have you been, my friend? Hoping that your life has been a generous one, eh?" He asked, taking in a good view of the front, not even noticing he had made the one odd mare walk away from them. His voice seemed to be more boisterous than usual.
  10. Undyne

    Private When the Clock Stops RP

    @, @, As the sun was already beginning to set down into the horizon, the faint sight of a purple figure flashed into the dirt road, almost at an elegant trot. With each hoof trot, the pink-and-white shining mane had bounced along with him, lining down to the stallion's neck, matching his gleaming purple coat as well. The stallion had approached the front, seeing that a certain old friend of his being greeted by other ponies about. Mainly from one in front of him... It would be rude to just try and strike a conversation. Perfect plan! "Ah, Stopwatch... It's been far too long, my fr
  11. First year of Uni for me. And let's just say that I don't get as much as I should. inb4 I jinx myself
  12. What's your name?: Stellar Nova. Are you a stallion or a mare?: Let's go ahead and get this off the table now. I am a full-bred stallion. NOT a mare... What kind of pony are you?: Unicorn. How do you know Grandfather Clock?: Oh, Stopwatch, that old geezer... We were the best of partners! Occasionally, I'd come all the way from Vanhoofer just to talk and catch up with him! Not to mention he's even given me a few money tips for life. Are you related to Grandfather Clock?: Not at all. Grandfather Clock is not always the most sensitive or sensible pony. Has he ever done anythi
  13. Stellar Nova
  14. I didn't even realize I've been here for two years. Times flies then.

  15. New laptop! Though, I'm gonna refrain from putting anything pony on it for a while.

  16. Wonder if anyone actually remembers me on here.

    1. Quilava
    2. Wingnut


      I seem to vaguely remember you when you were Umbreon.

    3. Undyne


      Yeah, I was for a short time. And I can't change the usertitle back to anything witty since I gotta pay for that.

  17. I'd say... I said I'D SAY... Would you like to become a hero?~

  18. Better. Braxien is no more. And Rockshire returns.

  19. Hi, forums I never visit.

  20. @@Leafeon Right as Shuppet had entered the Mystery Dungeon, she had thought this would be a breeze. Her first Mystery Dungeon and she had overheard this was just 3 floors? Easy-peas-- ...OK, let's take that back now. Eeek! I thought this was easy! And all of a sudden, there's a bunch of Pokemon here! What do I do?! Uh... Um, OK! Let's go with what Mommy told me before. She told me that I need to stay calm... Close my eyes... And focus on my opponents! OK, OK! I'll just take in a deep breath... And-- "Hey! What's this weird patch of dirt here? *gasp* Maybe it's treasure! Or, or! Som
  21. @@Leafeon For quite the time, Shuppet has shown all on her own to space out. Along with the fact after just finding a shiny Poke on the ground as well made her more off-task as well. Finally, she had turned right around, smiling ever so happily. "OK, guys! I'm ready to go! What about y-- Guys?" She looked around, immediately shocked at how she was completely alone within the area, a little disheartened. "Oddish? Froakie? Cottonee?! Where did ya all go?! Are we playing hide-and-seek before we explore?!" She called out, obviously getting no answer back from anything. Did they abandon
  22. @, @@@Snowy Storm WHOA! There's a bunch of new members here now! Jeez, I should really start paying attention more here! Okay! "Yeah, Yeah! My name's Shuppet! And over there is Froakie, and uh... Nuzleaf! Yeah! I need to remember your names and all! Oh my gosh, this is going to be FUN! I've never went on a adventure like this before! But I can do my best! Yeah! And what do you mean by at your service?" Shuppet asked excitedly, hovering right up into the Growlithe's face and staring right at him.
  23. @ "W-Wait... Are you saying... I'M THE LEADER?!" Shuppet exclaimed, her eyes beginning to sparkle a bit and thoughts beginning to run through her head. I GET TO BE A LEADER!!!! Oh my gosh, this is the best day of my life!! But wait... I'm not really that strong... What if the others find out that I'm not strong? They'll laugh at their leader! Or... Wait... 'Gauge their power'... OHHHHHHH, I'm a observer! Okay! "Wait, I know what you mean now! I know it now! Don't worry, I can do that! I can!"
  24. @, @@Ampharos, @ "YAY! This is sooooooooooo great! I can already tell that we're going to be AWESOME best friends! My name is--" Before Shuppet could even mention her name, she managed to overhear a small, little Cottonee coming up towards them. "Hi there! You're also wanting to join?! I thought that was a PERSONAL letter... Whoopsies! I don't care, that's just making me even MORE happy!" And along came the last member coming up, a Vulpix. She seemed to be a lot more sophisticated than the rest of the others around, but would it look like Shuppet cared? "Oh my gosh, ANOTHER Pok
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