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Which LOTR character my character is more like?

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My female character:


Calm and quiet

Modern, yet bound to her traditional culture

Very defensive of her native culture

Interested at new things

Traumatized by abuse at a young age

Ironically does not do certain things that are important in her culture

A good fighter

Destructive when provoked

Sometimes brave, sometimes afraid

Very good in music, story-writing, and poetry. And dancing.

Is obsessed with a certain constellation, that she prays to it like as if it a god

Dislikes clichés

Irreligious, but sometimes prays to her ancestral gods


Is she closer to Arwen or Éowyn?

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The two ladies are extremely similar characters. But, the childhood trauma points straight at Eowyn, though; while she witnessed her parents' deaths at the hands of evil, I doubt that Arwen's greatest pain would be much more serious than "Daddy told me no".


Hope that's enough of an answer.

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