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     Andrew woke with a sigh. He honestly wanted it to be some dream or something along the lines of that. No, it was all too real. One minute he's playing his Xbox happily and the next he's helping cartoon characters perform the plague of mankind. War. Teaching horses how to use guns, rockets, vehicles, etc. He can't even drive yet! Let alone cruise around in a 60 ton metal box of destruction. Maybe they could summon a driver of said vehicles to teach the ponies. Then there was categorizing each pony with a gun to suit them to their style. He sat up off the floor. He realized he slept in a funny position,

     " Do all ponies sleep like this?" He wondered. He looked outside and walked out on his balcony. It was dark out, but not like it was at home. The moon was way larger, nighttime had great visibility, and nothing was roaming around. No drug dealers, not robbers, and not drunk drivers. Peace was soon to be shattered. Though the stated crimes will likely never exist in Equestria, war is no happy thing. Some say is can cause psychedelic problems. Believable, especially sine these innocent creatures don't cause bloodshed. He wished it was like this back at the states. He wondered if he should have declined. Just then he heard something behind him. He turned to see the Mare of the Moon.

     " Hi! Didn't see you there." He said. Truth was he was excited. She was his favorite pony.

     " What is thou doing is the midst of the night?" Luna asked.

     " Pondering what I'm gonna do. You see I never taught anybo-... pony how to kill before. It's second nature to humans, whether we like it or not. I can tell this is the only solution to your problems. To be honest I don't want to kill but it has to be done. Which reminds me, who are we up against?" He questioned

     "The Changeling army. A Changeling is-" 

     " I haven't been honest with you," He admitted while cutting her off.

     " What could you ever mean?" She said, puzzled.

     " I know a lot about you guys. You were once a evil entity called nightmare moon. You sought to bring eternal night due to the lack of appreciation of your moon and it's night sky. You nearly defeated your sister, you would've  if she didn't have the elements or harmony. She banished your forever, but you escaped on the 1000th year. You were defeated by the elements again, but you were spared by your sister this time. Now you rule the night once again." He summarized.

     " How? We just met you. Yet you know what happened to me! Explain at once!" She demanded.

     " I was going to tell you." He responded. He explained the MLP FiM and how they were featured in a TV show. He also explained what a TV is. She sat there dumbfounded for sometime by what she just heard. He knew how to get her mind off it.

     " The night... beautiful isn't it? Softer than the hardened light of Celestia. The moon has more intrigue than the sun as well. The peace and quiet is a nice bonus as well." He said.

     " You really think so? Not many appreciate the night." She said quietly.

     " Well it's when I'm most active. I usually sleep half the day away." He stated. She smiled in response.

     " Last pony to ever appreciate my night is dead. On top of that she was blind." She looked down.

     " It doesn't always take sight to see beauty. She was able to see why. You listen to ponies and help in their sleep. You helped that Filly see what she could do. The night helped her believe in herself. That was a beautiful thing that your night did. Yes, it is visually appealing. Yet, when something like that occurs a invisible beauty reflects on the night. It gives a sense of security and happiness. What does the day do? I don't know. I see the night affects a pony more then the day ever could. That's what another form of beauty is."


     " Your love your night gives off is more than you realize, more than others realize and it impacts them."

     "I never thought of it that way. You've made me feel happy about what I do. I still wish others would appreciate it more but that was enlightening. By the way what is your name? We were a bit rushed earlier so I forgot to formerly introduce my self. I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night. As you know already." She asked realizing they never asked his name.

     " I am Andrew. Your regular no pony. I also must apologize for my language back there. I was too shocked to use my senses." He apologized.

     " It's understandable. You've never met our species. No need to apologize." She smiled

     " Actually I have. Except they are really stupid and behave like animals in my world. They don't have multiple colors,wings, horns, or voices either. Plus they smell." He recalled.

     " That's dreadful." She said wondering how a magnificent species such as hers would be so barbaric. She was thankful they were separated.

     "Back on topic. So the changelings have threatened to take over again. What confirms this isn't a scandal?" He asked

     " I wish to not speak of it. Tomorrow morning Celestia will show you. We don't know what killed him but he had no chance of living. So tell me about this world your from. What's it like?"

     " You may want to sit down. This will be a while, even me leaving out unimportant details." He told her. He explained the violence and evil humans commit, what his life was like, other countries, what they would be using in battle, what human war played out like, what humans did for fun, but she was particularly interest in video games.

     " Maybe after this is over I can show you what it's like." He smiled.

     " Yes. That would be nice... I just realized you should be preparing to train the guards." She said. Before she flew off he said one last thing.

     " You were always my favorite in the show." He said. She smiled and flew to her chambers. Andrew just realized just as she flew away that he had no cutie mark. He sat there wondering what it could be.



End Of Part 2. Leave a Reply on what you think!

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