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Ok here's the truth.


I was banished from the Old Country (which is not North Korea, but actually, a combined civilization of China, Japan, both Koreas, and the Phillipines). I was blamed for a horrible crime which I did not commit, and sentenced to live in the wilderness on my own. I managed to sneak onto a trade vessel and make my way to the Americas, where I began my new life as a high school student. The reason I don't like talking about my heritage is because I didn't want anyone to find out that I am an outlaw. If the Old Country Police Force were to find me, they would sentence me to death, or worse. So you have to promise me you cannot tell anyone where I am.

How's mah sis?


She just revealed a massive, horrible secret to an unsuspecting forum. Otherwise, she's doing pretty well, thanks for asking.

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Oh? Pardon my French, but would you mind if I inquire as to this secret?

Eh, it's simple a case of my being banished from the Old Empire, a massive empire spanning many galaxies, and told not to go near any inhabited planet or I would be executed.


But I snuck to Earth anyway.

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