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How Would You React When Princess Celestia Approaches You?


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  • 9 years later...

I would bow my head while still maintaining eye contact and say Princess Celestia My name is August it’s a pleasure to meet you

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Let's make one thing absolutely clear...

The greatest princess ever would never approach me. At most, I'd be the one to approach her.
As a samurai who has sworn loyalty to Princess Celestia, if she needed me for anything, she would summon me. Most likely to accomplish an official task. I doubt I am high on her list of contacts since Equestria has its champions, but if ever I can do anything, I am more than willing to serve. :proud: 

Secondly, in her presence, I would respectfully bow, admire her greatness, and make haste to fulfill any orders she gives me. :twismile: As much I would love a hug, or acknowledgement, or anything more; I dare not ask for it. Would be wrong for a low-ranking samurai to speak out of term. I will only accept what is freely offered to me.

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