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  1. Hmm, a DJ huh? How about we skip the date and just make some sweet music?*pulls out keyboard*
  2. Hello. *suddenly turns into a merpony* Why do I feel the urge to flex?
  3. I only eat white meat.(fish, poultry, pork...) I took a vow never to eat red meats ever again. So I'm very restricted in meat consumption. Other than that I'm more vegetarian than anything.
  4. Banned because necessary plot points.
  5. Reflex roll? Uh... I just lay in bed til I get the feeling back in them. Or I just get up. I honestly have no clue as to what you're talking about, but I tried to answer. There's something in your closet, how do you approach? With hostility, or curiosity?
  6. Nice one! Never seen doctor who, but I'm wanting to record all the episodes and binge watch it. If my grandpa will leave western movies THE FUCK ALONE FOR A WHILE!!!!!*twitches erratically* Sorry. Those damn things have driven me insane.
  7. Well... Did you just do that to get me back for beating you at prop hunt? Because I'm immune to flustering.*kisses back*
  8. Yes, Still love it! It got me interested in cooking. What CAN you cook?
  9. Considering I'm getting more yandere, I'd slowly stuff you back. Listening to you scream in agony the whole time and relishing it as I got my sweet revenge. I'd leave the head off so you can continue to suffer like I did and finally die hours later. You'd most likely end up like springtrap. As an animatronic, I'd keep Foxy company and entertained by playing games and showing him funny videos. By night, I'll run down the right hall while he gets the left(guard's directions). We'd be unstoppable as no guard could close the doors quick enough to stop both of us at once.
  10. I made my current avatar because I wanted to use a character from a comic I used to draw called Luckcraft. The character Conscience was a good base because he's literally a horse. All I had to do was make him more Pony-like and you have my avatar. I still wear him to this day. I should probably digitalize him though. People keep commenting that he's a piece of paper.
  11. Oh, the usual. Smash bros, Goldeneye 64, Halo, COD,Mario party, Mario Kart, The legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures, Gmod, 7 days to die, Don't Starve Together, Gang Beast and Who's your Daddy.
  12. I give them a 7. Assuming you've played Undettale, who's your favorite character and why?
  13. Well if you two are done hugging, I have some game consoles and multiplayer games we can all play.
  14. Funny you should ask that, poster. I do in fact shop there sometimes. It used to be all the time, but then I became trapped in my own home during the week. Now I'm stuck in a rut of staying home most of the time. But when I do go there, I hunt for some button-ups of varying colors for everyday use. I have a some pastel shirts for spring stuff like Easter. I also found some rare stuff like a rare demo disc for the gamecube and the Starcraft battle chest. Not sure if that's rare though, I just found a bunch of them.