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How Would You React When Princess Celestia Approaches You?


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I would assume that most of you would pay some kind of respect.


Well, how most ponies generally react is bend down and half kneel with some kind of a bow to give her their respect.


Personally, I would prefer a salute since in terms of formal manners I'm more military oriented, and also since I'm a metal gear fan. But that's probably just me.


Anyways, if you were there and princess Celestia approaches you, how would you react?

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I'd bow with the utmost respect to the leader of Equestria.

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Bow humbly down before her hooves. But i can't do that as a human. If i had to go to Equestria i'd probably been transformed into a Pony resembling my body and heart. There i'd kneel in respect.

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I'm not quite sure. She's royalty, although I know she doesn't really care about formality. I would likely still bow, but I would also feel at ease since she's not like Earth royalty.

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